Our Beloved News Organizations

February 4, 2009

Amanda wonders why the mainstream news media are carrying sick-fuck right-wing water by “analyzing” the Daschle withdrawal as sounding the death-knell for universal health care in this country, just like they carry sick-fuck right-wing water ALLFUCKINGDAY EVERYFUCKINGDAY FOR EVERYFUCKINGTHING.

Why do the media propagate deranged right-wing memes? Our current crop of box-wine-chardonnay-swilling pig-sphincter-wienie-gobbling cocktail party “journalist” fuck-ups!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! These motherfuckers have had their brains dissolved by years of bowing and scraping to the right wing and lovingly sucking every fucking right-wing cock they can find. After their complete abdication of every single professional responsibility they possessed over the last eight years, it is beyond me why anyone trusts these assholes to be capable of truthfully reporting anything more important than kindergarten performances of I’m A Little Motherfucking Teapot!


5 Responses to “Our Beloved News Organizations”

  1. If Obama really wanted to shut them all up… He would appoint Mike Moore to the job and watch the right wing heads explode.

  2. The media propagates deranged right-wing memes because they operate on advertising revenue which is provided in large part by deranged right-wing corporate heads. Why do people trust these assholes? Well, look around dude. ‘Joe’ the mutherfucking ‘plumber’ is essentially a GOP consultant and Sarah Palin has a legion of followers who thinks she should be president in 2012. And about 47% of the electorate voted Republican in November. So, yeah.

  3. Anontoo Says:

    It would be more appropriate, perhaps, if the media instead spent some time dwelling on the irony that a significant population of those who continually vote to raise our taxes and, at the same time, tout the patriotism involved with paying such taxes are included amongst those who choose to not fully pay the taxes they owe.

  4. rehctaw Says:

    For the same reason they have Arianna Blowholington on to “explain” the financial landscape or Obama’s foreign policy.

    Bad is good, up is down, war is peace, tragedy is entertainment. S.W.A.G.ers are experts.

    The media is a reflection of the people they cover. After the segment, they all meet down at the club to surf the tubes and read the blogs.

    We’re left to glean our information out of the toxic media shitpile.

  5. MissPrism Says:

    I would like to know the rest of the words to I’m A Little Motherfucking Teapot.

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