Baseball Shit

February 23, 2009

Pete Rose was interviewed by Michael Kay yesterday about the A-Rod situation. As usual, Rose used the platform to complain about the fact that he is still barred from the Hall of Fame. Some have argued that Rose–who was banned from baseball for betting on baseball games and, in particular, on his own teams games–committed a much more heinous offense than steroid users. On the other hand, there is no evidence that Rose ever bet against his own team, and so it could be argued that his actions never influenced play on the field, unlike the actions of steroid users.

Here’s a couple of question for Comrade PhysioProf’s readers:

(1) Should Rose be allowed to be voted into the Hall of Fame? Should proven steroid users be allowed in the Hall of Fame and should their stats in the record books be (a) disallowed, (b) adjusted, or (c) asterisked?

(2) Is it possible to draw a moral distinction between Rose’s offense and using steroids? If so, how should that distinction be drawn?

(3) How fucking degenerate a gambler do you have to be to bet on motherfucking baseball games?


10 Responses to “Baseball Shit”

  1. drugmonkey Says:

    Are you so naive as to think that Ol Chuck Hustle wasn’t also taking every pill he could lay hands on? Phuck em all, get busted and get stricken from all records and awards.

  2. drugmonkey Says:

    Oh, and baseball sucks total ass. Go back to football, dood!!!!

  3. scribbler50 Says:

    Prof: I’ll address (3) first… real fucking degenerate. First of all, what is your criteria for betting on a baseball game, the pitchers on that given night? If football coined the phrase, “On any given Sunday…” baseball’s phrase should be “On every single day of the week…” Baseball bettors give gambling a bad name.

    As far as (2) goes, I personally can’t draw a distinction. It’s apples and oranges, both rotten and bad for the whole barrel. To me it’s like asking which is worse, cheating on a test in school or stealing someone’s lunch money. Totally different offenses, both worthy of suspension.

    And finally as to (1), I don’t think Pete gets in. I know that what you do on the field is one thing, etc. but how do we know (now that we’ve determined what “degenerate” is) that he didn’t bet while a player and do shit to determine the outcome? In fact now that I think of it, no wonder they called him Charlie Hustle, he probably bet on his team to win every single night, bet a week’s salary on that, and ran his fucking ass of to secure that bet. No, I don’t think he should get into the Hall of Fame. Granted, the Hall is filled with hypocrisy, but three hundred and one wrongs don’t make a right. And the same goes for steroid users… no hall, and asterisks in the record books.

    But then, what-the-fuck-do-I=know?

  4. Wait, what? Baseball is the perfect sport to bet on–assuming that you bet regularly. It’s a statistician’s dream. You get a n=3 for each pairing at a stretch, so some arbitrary football bullshit like “So-and-so doesn’t play well in snow” never factors in (well, that and it doesn’t snow in baseball season). Sure, even a successful bettor will probably only hit 2/3–but that’s a pretty good return. Go ask Nate Silver.

    Also, when I bet on football, I do it by deciding which of the team mascots would more successfully demolish the other, so it is perfectly possible to bet like a degenerate nutter over other sports, as well.

  5. CyberLizard Says:

    Who gives a fuck? Baseball is the most boring fucking sport, only eclipsed in suckitude by cricket.

  6. rehctaw Says:

    well, that and it doesn’t snow in baseball season

    Dr.J/Mrs. Hyde,
    You’ve obviously not been in Chicago, Detroit or Cleveland in April. Nothing says opening day like a fresh blanket of flakes and bone splitting wind chill factors near a lake.

    1) No Pete Rose does not get in. Because Pete Rose still does not get it.

    2) Smarter Rats. Performance enhancement is an endless pursuit…to play better. Gambling is betting against performance. If Petey can PROVE he NEVER looked at strike three or dove short for a hot grounder, or just by attitude influenced a game… because he cannot and because he’s lied so much so often, yes there is a distinction.

    3. Clinical. Joyless addiction. I think Rose would bet on Ice Fishing.

  7. 1) Rose should be allowed in the Hall of Fame if and when he buys a ticket with the rest of us. Various steroid users and suspected users should be in the Hall, and their records should be posted as they appear. Here’s why: For all the media handwringing about the “integrity of the game,” the only offense that really undermines that integrity is the notion that one of its players or managers is on the take; is changing the way they’d run a team for their own personal gain. And Rose, by betting on his own team, opens himself to that accusation. The rule against betting on games has been clear since 1919, and Rose willfully and repeatedly violated it.

    Steroid users, however, never operated in an environment that expressly forbade their activity. There were no tests until 2003, and no punishment for the crime in question. And we have no way of knowing exactly how many players were on PEDs, and who those players were. If A-Rod hit 50 HR against pitchers who were also juicing (11 of the 22 players busted for steroid use thusfar have been pitchers; given that pitchers constitute less than 50% of the players in the majors, this loosely suggests that they were taking PEDs in the same numbers that hitters were), isn’t it a wash?

    2) The only moral distinction I would make is that Rose was betting solely for personal financial gain. While that was undeniably the dominant motivating force for most PED users as well, there may also have been the vaguest notion that taking the drugs would allow them to make their teams better. Also, it’s worth pointing out that players were part of a larger culture that seemed to condone PED use, while Rose was seemingly alone in his transgressions.

    3) Pete Rose is an absolute lizard, a total fraud, and he’s ugly. Other than that, I’m sure he’s a great guy.

  8. You’ve obviously not been in Chicago, Detroit or Cleveland in April.

    You’re right, I have a weird predilection for tracking teams that matter.

  9. LostMarbles Says:

    How fucking degenerate a person do you have to be to care about motherfucking baseball games?

    Fixed that question for you. I can’t imagine how you managed to make those mistakes.

  10. tai haku Says:

    “only eclipsed in suckitude by cricket.”

    looks like a-rod is not the only one on drugs cos cricket is teh awesome. if you don’t like it its because you’re watching it wrong.

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