March 29, 2009

It is horrible that they force players from the losing team to answer questions at the fucking post-game press conference.


March 29, 2009

Pitt fucking sucks! Goddamn motherfuckers! Fucking brackets are all blown to fucking hell.

Apparently, the Democratic-controlled legislature and Democratic governor of the State of New York have come to an agreement to revise the draconian “Rockefeller” drug laws, that have been imposing horrifyingly long mandatory sentences on many non-violent drug offenders for over 30 years.

The agreement between Paterson and his fellow Democratic leaders in the Assembly and State Senate would shift the emphasis, for nonviolent drug users, from jail time to treatment.

“Drug abuse is an illness,” the governor said. “More and more, we’re discovering that it’s a treatable illness.”

Paterson, along with Senate Majority Leader Malcolm A. Smith and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, claimed the agreement could save $250 million for the state.

They also say the pact would provide judges with the sentencing discretion they need and increase the penalties where they should be stiffened — in dealing with drug “kingpins” and dealers who sell to children.

Sounds pretty moderate and reasonable and compassionate, right (considering there is no political will at all to simply end the “Drug Wars”)?

Well, Republican response to moderate and reasonable and compassionate shit is so predictable:

Nonsense, cried the Republican legislators and their friends in law enforcement.

Of course, “law enforcement” is against anything that takes money and power away from their grandiose schemes to militarize civil society with power-mad deranged authoritarian personality defectives driving around our cities and towns in Hummers with motherfucking machine guns compensating for the fact that their mommies and daddies treated them like pieces of shit when they were children.

And then there’s this:

“This is a bill that will create havoc not only in the streets of New York City and Buffalo, but it will spread to the suburbs,” Volker added. [emphasis added]


Hey, white-ass motherfucking authoritarian paranoiacs! Listen up! These so-called “non-violent” nigger and spic druggies from the ghetto are coming to your white-ass motherfucking suburbs and they’re GONNA GETCHA!!!111!! and they’re GONNA GETCHA CHILDREN TOO!111!!!11!!! OOGA BOOGA!!!11!! OOGA BOOGA!!11!!!!!111!!

These dumbfuck Republicans have only one fucking move left in their tapped-out pathetic playbook: prey on the reptilian fears of the most debased and ignorant members of our society. This shit just ain’t working anymore.

I’m sure you’ve all read that “heartfelt” letter from the AIG fuckup who is “going Galt” because his cock is not being sufficiently stroked by the US government as they save his sorry-ass employer and his own sorry fucking ass from bankruptcy.

These people were maximal fuckups. Drunk assholes who spent all day addled in their offices surfing porn and doing nothing would have been a net economic positive compared to these narcissistic fucknozzles.

Fuck ’em. Let ’em quit. Like we should give a flying fuck. What the US goverment ought to do is fire all these assholes and take all the fruit stand and Korean deli and bodega owners in NYC and put them in charge of the banks. Those are people who know how to run a fucking business. Not these compulsive gambler scumbags.

Dear friend and ScienceBlogs colleague Sheril Kirshenbaum has–along with her co-blogger Chris Mooney–just moved their blog Intersection from ScienceBlogs to Discover Blogs network. One of her new colleagues at Discover–some astronomer dude–posted the traditional Welcome New Blogger post, including a picture of Sheril and Chris together. Let’s see what kind of welcome she received from astronomer dude’s commenters:

The first comment arrived fewer than 30 minutes after the welcome post was published:

I’ll be the first to say that Sheril is quite fetching.

A couple hours later this gem was published:

Having not read any of their material, I am supremely unqualified to comment on any of their writings.
But, as a living breathing male of the species, I look forward to any article with Sherils picture attached.

Non-asshole non-misogynist non-scumbag David Kroll then pointed out the grotesqueness of this immediate focus on Sheril’s appearance:

Oooh, and Chris is so pretty that I’ll hang on every word that his hot little body pumps out.

Sounds kind of odd when directed toward a man, eh?

What the hell is wrong with you people? Is your life so pitiful that the first thing you choose to comment upon regarding an experienced scientist, author, and public policy expert?

For the record, Comrade PhysioProf also left a comment that made the same point as David Kroll, albeit a bit more colorfully. This comment was not published by the astronomer dude. I guess a few “fuck”s (ok, more than few) is beyond the pale, but gross objectification of women and creation of a hostile environment is totally coolio in astronomer dude’s opinion.

Not be left out, yet another of astronomer dude’s sleazebag commenters chimes in with his own hateful leering:

Okay, does anyone else think that Sheril resembles Danica McKellar (formerly of The Wonder Years, occasional correspondent on BRINK)?

mmmmmmmm……….. wo-man

Finally, in a pathetic attempt to defend the indefensible, mister scuzbucket “Sheril is quite fetching” dude comes up with the following howler in response to David Kroll’s comment:

The problem is not that Electro and I compliment Sheril’s appearance. The problem is that people like you take issue with it, as if somehow that compliment is “lesser” than a compliment on someone’s intelligence. Remove stick from rear end, move on. Lather, rinse, repeat.

OK. Here’s the fucking dealio. Sheril is at Discover as a professional scientist, author, and public policy expert to blog, not to serve as the object of your leering male gaze. When you encounter someone for the first time in a public professional environment, immediately calling attention to how “fetching” she is, or exclaiming “mmmmmmmm……….. wo-man” is not cool.

It is not a “compliment”. It is a hamfisted exercise of male privilege, intended to send the message to Sheril that she has entered a male domain, and that her purpose there is to play an object role in the lurid fantasies of the men who occupy that male domain. The problem is not with decent people like David Kroll who are trying to wake your asses up; the problem is with misogynist pigs like you.

This fucking bullshit is not ok, and it is disgraceful that astronomer dude blogger is allowing it to occur without comment of his own. But yeah, there is no misogyny or discrimination in science, no sirree. The problem is those whiny women and those men who try to act like decent human beings instead of pigs.

UPDATE: Astronomer-dude, Phil Plait, has weighed in in his comments, and I am excerpting from his comment here:

When I first saw the comments about Sheril’s appearance, I was going to comment and smack them down. Then David Kroll did it so well I decided his comment was good enough.

Of course, what I wasn’t thinking about was that, as host of this blog, it’s my responsibility to say something, even if it’s just “What Kroll said”. I apologize if anyone took my silence for acquiescence. It wasn’t.

The comments about Sheril’s appearance are in fact out of place here. She is here on Discover as a journalist, a scientist, a writer, and someone whose intelligence and talents are what counts. In fact, women in science have been struggling mightily against sexism for, well, ever, and casual sexism not only doesn’t help but actually contributes to a difficult atmosphere.

* * *

Some people have taken me to task on other blogs for not deleting these comments, but I prefer they stay up. When people make mistakes, the best thing to do is air them out, not suppress them.

As is clear from what I wrote, I was not calling for censorship, only for comment.

WTF NASA!?!?!?

March 23, 2009

NASA is soliciting on-line voting in the finals of the public naming process for the Mars Rover exploration doohickey.

Vision, Amelia, Sunrise, Pursuit, Journey, Perception, Wonder, Curiosity, Adventure???

This is the unimaginative tripe they came up with as the finalists!?!?!?

Wow, let’s call a scientific tool, “Curiosity”!! Holy fucknoly, I’ve got it!! Let’s call a thing that is going to travel really far and explore a distant place, “Journey”!!! Or no, wait, I’ve GOT IT!!!!! It’s going into outer space and to another planet!!! “ADVENTURE”! BRILLIANT!!

Just fucking shoot me.

(Yeah, I know. These seminfinalists were selected from submissions by schoolkids. But seriously, did the addled NASA functionaries have to pick these as the finalists? There must have been some more clever or surprising names submitted.)

WTF Reuters!?!?

March 23, 2009

Why the fuck doesn’t Reuters link to Krugman’s motherfucking NY Times piece in their own article that does nothing but quote liberally from it and then throw in a single line from Christina Romer that the Reuters “reporter” (HAHA! Yeah, right.) saw on teevee this morning while he was taking a shit and reading the Times?

Gin And Tacos

March 23, 2009

I just stumbled onto a great fucking blog via a link at I Blame The Patriarchy, called Gin and Tacos. The dude is one hilarious and incisive motherfucker, so go check it out!

Civility and Decency

March 22, 2009

There is an interesting discussion going on right now at Evolving Thoughts concerning “civility” in intellectual discourse. The argument is being made that civility is an intrinsic good.

It is worth pointing out that calls for “civility” are frequently used to silence those who seek to reveal the indecency of statements or actions of others. Those who behave indecently can fuck right off with their whiny-ass whining about civility. And those who are, themselves, decent, but who seek to direct attention to “civility” are playing into the hands of the indecent.

What the fuck is up with that asshole Ohio State buckeye mascot fucker? What is that fucking thing supposed to be? Is it some kind of fucking seed, or a nut?