Baseball Shit

March 7, 2009

The motherfucking Dutch beat the motherfucking Dominicans at motherfucking baseball?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

5 Responses to “Baseball Shit”

  1. juniorprof Says:

    Dude, Sidney Ponson, the winning pitcher was born in Aruba!?!

  2. Bazeball been beddy beddy good to da Dutch lately?

    The Dutch PLAY baseball?

  3. See what legalizing drugs does for a country’s MORALE?

  4. Aaron Says:

    There’s no motherfucking in baseball!

  5. rehctaw Says:

    George Bush was managing the Dominicans?

    Juniorprof has touched on the answer.
    Ringers. Many with a serious chip on their shoulder towards their birth country/region either for slighting them or even deeper motivations. Then there’s: Some Ballplayers just wanna play ball. 27th man on a talent laden depth chart or starter on a Dutch team?

    Besides which it makes the classic more competitive.
    More of a joke, but a more competitive joke.

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