NCAA Hoops Shit

March 15, 2009

Why are these teevee fuckknobs talking about how Louisville is “the number one seed of number one seeds”? Is this some new shit that the four number ones are seeded with each other? I don’t ever recall that in previous years. Am I delusional?


8 Responses to “NCAA Hoops Shit”

  1. jc Says:

    I know! Cinderellas and pumpkins everywhere this year. I’m gonna fill out my brackets with my eyes closed.

  2. Anon Says:

    #1 overall has been a part of the process but not much relevance. From Wikipedia:

    Though the brackets only feature the seed numbers 1-16 in each region, the committee assembles an S-curve of teams seeded from 1-64. In theory, the teams 1-4 on the seed list will all be #1 seeds (the #1 “seed line”), 5-8 will be #2 seeds (the #2 seed line), and so on; however, bracketing rules often lead to some deviation from this. The S-curve is most important for keeping each region balanced; ideally, each region will be equally strong. For example, the committee will try to ensure that the number 1 team on the seed list, the national #1 seed, will be in the same region as the weakest #2 seed. The committee tries to ensure that the top four seeds in each region are comparable to the top four teams in every other region. For example, if one region has the best #1 seed (#1 overall), the weakest #2 seed (#8 overall), the best #3 seed (#9 overall), and the weakest #4 seed (#16 overall), its seeds add up to 34, the ideal number. But if a region has the best team for every given seed, its seeds would add up to 28, and a region with the weakest team in every seed would add up to 40, making the two regions very unbalanced. It is extremely unusual that an at large bid can be lower than a #12 seed, but it has occurred, most recently with Bradley and Air Force being 13 seeds in the 2006 Tournament. While the seeds are almost never perfectly balanced throughout the four regions, the committee strives to ensure that they differ from each other by only a few points. The process is identical for the women’s tournament, with the exception that seeding occurs to 64.

  3. TomJoe Says:

    You’re delusional. The entire tournament is seeded from 1 to 65 (don’t forget that play-in game). In essence, if all 4 #1’s make the Final Four, the highest #1 seed (in this case Louisville) faces the lowest #1 seed (UConn), and the 2nd (Pitt) and 3rd (UNC) #1 seeds play each other. The only reason this means anything at all is because last year IIRC is the first year all #1 seeds actually made the Final Four.

  4. amy Says:

    Go Pitt.

  5. Suzan Says:


    Go UNC!!!!!!!!!!

  6. rehctaw Says:

    You are absolutely delusional, but that’s a separate and personal problem.

    You don’t recall? Senator? Buckin’ for future AG and doggoner for the GOAP?

    To the initial question you provide the answer in the asking. Because they are TeeVee Fucknobs. That’s what they do.

    Isn’t the more appropriate question why you listen to teevee fucknobs in the first place?

  7. juniorprof Says:

    I’m with Suzan. GO HEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    Where’s your bracket???

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