Holy Fucknoly!

April 28, 2009

Rat deserts the sinking ship.

Networking 101

April 24, 2009

People love when other people are interested in them and they are asked about themselves and are listened to attentively and actively as they talk about themselves. The rest is commentary.

This article in the LA Times describes a “peaceful clash” between demonstrators supporting humane necessary animal research and counterdemonstrators opposing humane necessary animal research, and to at least some extent characterizes humane necessary biomedical research using animals in a skewed fashion. There is a poll at the end of the article that asks “Can medical research on animals be conducted humanely?” Go make your voice heard.

God motherfucking dammit!!! The motherfucking asshole fucking engineers that designed this piece of fucking shit should be drawn, quartered, and their stupid motherfucking goddamn asshole fucking heads impaled on pikes on fucking LONDON BRIDGE!!!

If you are typing in a text field in a form, and you press CTRL-S, the MOTEHRFUCKING PIECE OF SHIT DOES NOT SAVE!!!!!!111!!!! It only saves if you CLICK OUT OF THAT FIELD INTO ANOTHER FIELD BEFORE YOU PRESS CTRL-S!!!!11!!! THIS IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And when you’ve spent 45 MOTHERFUCKING MINUTES TYPING A MOTHERFUCKING PROJECT SUMAARY INTO A MOTHERFUCKING TEXT BOX (assiduously pressing CTRL-S every few minutes) and then the nasty vile despicable PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT CRASHES, ALL OF YOUR MOTHERFICKIGN WORK IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HATE!!!!! KILL!!1111!!! DESTROY!!!11!!!!!

UPDATE: Apparently, someone from Adobe reads Comrade PhysioProf and has just posted a comment here stating that Adobe is looking into this. Accordingly, I take back what I said about drawing and quartering Adobe engineers. No hard feelings?

Gonzo of the Gonzolog has a nice post up concerning the logical fallacy of “appeal to ridicule”, which has been defined as “a fallacy in which ridicule or mockery is substituted for evidence in an argument”. You should go read the whole thing, but I just want to make one point of my own.

The thing about appeal to ridicule and ad hominem is that they are both thrown around indiscriminately and incorrectly by dumbfucks who don’t like it when people mock them for being dumbfucks. If you are a ridiculous fucking idiot and I ridicule you for being a ridiculous idiot, that is neither appeal to ridicule or ad hominem.

It is only appeal to ridicule or ad hominem if we are engaged in argument and I argue that *because* you are a ridiculous fucking idiot, your assertions must be false. If we are not engaged in argument, and I mock you for being a ridiculous dumbfuck merely because it amuses me to make fun of you for being a ridiculous dumbfuck, then there is no ad hominem or appeal to ridicule fallacy.

And one last thing: just because *you* claim we are engaged in argument, doesn’t mean we are. Dumbfucks spouting gibberish and then petulantly stamping their feet and demanding “rational argument” and “reasoned responses” frequently deserve nothing but mockery. This is especially the case when *you* approach *me* and start spouting dumbfuck gibberish.

Words To Live By

April 21, 2009

i don’t give a fuck if i bore people. i just expect them to walk away if they are bored. i’m certainly not going to shut the fuck up.

DuWayne Brayton has started a new blog, that is focused on quitting smoking tobacco. It should be an excellent venue for smokers who have quit and those who want to, as well as people in related professional fields. Visit his inaugural welcome post and join the fascinating discussion. (And no one tell Ed, but I find DuWayne’s writing even more colorful than his.)

UPDATE: Interestingly, within 20 minutes of publishing this post, I received a spam comment from something like QUITSMOKINGNOW.MOOLAH.BELGIUM.COM. I usually get about two or three spam comments per week.


April 18, 2009

Motherfucking Wang can’t keep his motherfucking pitches down, and now this poor fuck Claggett gets shelled in his first major league pitching appearance. FUCKITY FUCK!

When the fuck is Cashman gonna be shitcanned? The guy is a fucking disaster, and bears primary responsibility for the pitching staff dumpster fire.

UPDATE: WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 20-2!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

UPDATE 2: Front page of the NY Post today:





Jason Rosenhouse of Evolution Blog linked to Comrade Physioprof’s teabagger post, and some really tasty loonballs came out of the woodwork in the comments to his post. They were so loontastic, I felt obliged to share them with my readers.

First, we have “I’m never reading your blog again” loon, Eric:

The content on the page you linked is an embarrassment. I’m sad to see that you condone it. This will be my last visit to your blog.

HAHAHAHAH! Is there any way to use the word “condone” that doesn’t immediately mark the utterer as a complete total motherfucking loon?

Second, “emphatic language is unclean and incoherent” loon, gcs15:

I would recommend replacing this link with one that’s cleaner and more coherent, expressing its viewpoint more appropriately. I don’t agree with its viewpoint, but this is a country of free speech.

You just shouldn’t condone something this nasty.

Another with the fucking “condone”! This gcs15 nutter is also of the “I punish you by dramatically not reading your blog” variety:

Thanks, SLC, think I’ll pass on those blogs. I don’t need profanity or name calling to make myself understood, and neither should anyone else. Why on earth I should mosey over to experience profane ranting, I have no idea.

But thanks for the heads up regarding which blogs not to waste my time on.

Third, is “no fucking clue what ad hominem means” loon, Dan:

This once again proves the old adage that there is no argument more convincing than a vicious string of ad hominem attacks.

Hey, shitmonkey: insulting people for being stone-cold pig-ignorant dumbfucks is not an ad hominem attack. Asserting that what they happen to be arguing–and it is stretching the term “argue” to apply it to these teabagger wackanuts, who are really just grunting at the behest of gutter-dwelling right-wing slime like Gingrich–is wrong because they are stone-cold pig-ignorant dumbfucks is ad hominem.

I never said a single word about their “arguments”. In fact, the delusion that everything written on the internetz must be a “rational argument” that must be “supported” and “debated” represents a common loon trait–at least among the ones who seem to set themselves off when reading Comrade PhysioProf’s pellucid prose. Here’s a motherfucking clue: mocking the shit out of dumbfuck assholes is part of what we do here. That fucknut Michael Hawkins represents an extreme example of this high-school debate-team species of internet loon.

Finally, we’ve got “bringing political discourse to a new low drama queen”, Psychprof:

Physioprof should get a prize for bringing political discourse to a new low. Maybe he or she just thinks political topics don’t deserve evidence or reason to make a point. On second thought, I suppose he or she saw enough evidence to justify, in his or her own mind, hatred for people who protest taxes.

Psychprof also seems to have a touch of the high-school debate-team phenotype, with the “evidence”, “reason”, and “justification” fetishism. HAHAHAHAH!

Internet loons are LOONTASTIC!!!!11!!

UPDATE: ZOMFG, check out this dude, some florid fucknut calling himself Robert O’Brien:

Leni, my good moron, no doubt you would have decried the original tea party as a childish political stunt whilst wearing a powdered wig, girdle, and pledging allegiance to King George.

AHAHAHAHAHAH! Freakball just insulted someone by accusing them of having Loyalist sympathies! THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Well, that is easily explained by the fact that [Abbie Smith and Comrade PhysioProf] are low-rent, trifling pieces of ****.

We are low-rent, trifling pieces of gold, fish, sand, wut!?!?!?

I’m telling ya, this shit just writes itself!

It’s totally fucking slow, it crashes constantly, it renders text like absolute shit, and the menus are incomprefuckinghensible.