New Tobacco Quitters Blog

April 21, 2009

DuWayne Brayton has started a new blog, that is focused on quitting smoking tobacco. It should be an excellent venue for smokers who have quit and those who want to, as well as people in related professional fields. Visit his inaugural welcome post and join the fascinating discussion. (And no one tell Ed, but I find DuWayne’s writing even more colorful than his.)

UPDATE: Interestingly, within 20 minutes of publishing this post, I received a spam comment from something like QUITSMOKINGNOW.MOOLAH.BELGIUM.COM. I usually get about two or three spam comments per week.

2 Responses to “New Tobacco Quitters Blog”

  1. DuWayne Says:

    Thanks CPP and since you were kind enough to post this, I won’t tell Ed…

  2. HAHAHA Says:

    d00d, it is obvious to every reader that DuWayne is the smarter and more eloquent brother…..

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