May 7, 2009

Comrade PhysioProf had dinner and drinks with two fantastic bloggers last night, but he’s not telling who!! Hahahaha!

What he can say is that his head is fucking killing.


7 Responses to “w00t!!!!!”

  1. Jealous!!!! Did you have too many motherfuckin’ Jamesons??

  2. BikeMonkey Says:

    I bet CPP is a total lightweight in person….

  3. PalMD Says:


  4. I have to imagine that he tripped and crashed his head into a wall, but is trying to play it off like a killer hangover.

  5. LostMarbles Says:

    He probably doesn’t even drink alcohol but likes to pretend he’s a lush to be one of the cool kids.

  6. PP I’m so jealous – I’m trying to arrange to meet at least one of those bloggers myself. Glad you all had fun!

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