Ten Infinity Bajillion Pounds Of Total Horseshit

May 30, 2009

Why is it “identity politics” when a Latina woman is nominated for the Supreme Court, but it’s not “identity politics” that the vast majority of all Supreme Court justices have been white d00dz?

UPDATE: And by the way, there is no “debate” concerning Sotomayor’s “qualifications” for service on the Supreme Court. There is just a bunch of sick-fuck asshole America-hating right-wing liars jumping up and down trying to rally their racist misogynist electoral base.

And let’s get this absolutely straight. The rhetoric these right-wing motherfuckers use to pump up their base is built on stoking hatred for America, as it currently exists.

They *hate* that someone of mixed race background named “Barack Obama” could become elected President. They *hate* that a Latina woman is one of the most motherfucking brilliant and accomplished jurists in the nation and is going to serve on the Supreme Court. They *hate* that in their jobs and professions, they have to compete on a playing field that–while still far from level–is not exclusively limited to white men.

These sick-fuck right-winger demagogues may or may not believe all the bullshit they spout to their racist misogynist electoral base. But regardless, there is no doubt that base objectively hates America, and longs for nothing more than a repeal of the Enlightenment.

9 Responses to “Ten Infinity Bajillion Pounds Of Total Horseshit”

  1. Dr J Says:

    Ex-fucking-actly CPP! It’s not gender politics, it is a vested interest elite winging and whining that their time of running the show at the expense of everyone else is slowly coming to an end. They can fuck off.

  2. BikeMonkey Says:

    You must be one of those racialists*!!

    *fuck if I know, I just heard that shit on some twobit blog somewheres.

  3. BikeMonkey Says:

    Seriously though PP- the Judge doesn’t like people calling authority figures douchebags on the Web. Surely you aren’t down with THAT!

  4. Couldn’t agree with you more CPP. It is actually pretty hilarious to watch the historically-insecure white ‘doodz’ structure (Gathering Of Patheticlimpdickmutherfuckers) get further threatened and squirm under the pressures of reality.

  5. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    You forgot “Hussein.”

  6. Suzan Says:

    I agree with Dr. J (and you, of course, PP)!

    There is just a bunch of sick-fuck asshole America-hating right-wing liars jumping up and down trying to rally their racist misogynist electoral base.

  7. Sungold Says:

    Why is it identity politics? Because whites don’t have a race and men don’t have a gender, in these guys’ world.

    Great post, CPP. You’re spot-on about them wanting to roll back the Enlightenment.

  8. juniorprof Says:

    Right on dude!

  9. MonkeyPox Says:

    They know she’s gonna be confirmed…they’re counting on it. They want more fuel for their bonfire of hatred.

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