Horrifying News

May 31, 2009

Physician Dr. George Tiller was murdered this morning while attending church services in his home town of Wichita, KS. Tiller embodied the truest expression of the ethics of the medical profession, putting the welfare of his patients–almost all of whom were women who required abortions to save their own lives–above even his own personal safety.

Another homegrown depraved sick-fuck right-wing terrorist commits murder. How many is that so far this year?


9 Responses to “Horrifying News”

  1. bikemonkey Says:

    In a church no less. Depravity. A sickly and predictable response to the most irresponsible rhetoric from those who cannot convince the public to follow their theologically informed position.

    Murder is not a convincing argument either.

  2. Spiny Norman Says:

    Depravity. Yes. As some already kno, and more will soon learn, the people responsible were egged on by the sociopathic Bill O’Reilly. Let us hope that this changes his life for the worse.

  3. pinus Says:

    This murder was being celebrated by some on the free republic forums.

    absolutely sickening.

  4. Spiny Norman Says:

    Those freeper motherfuckers better be wrong about their just and vengeful God, or they are in for a fucking eternity of torment.

  5. LostMarbles Says:


    I can’t decide whether the fuckers celebrating this murder openly or the fuckers going “Dude deserved it, but we’re very peaceful non-murdering folk…and by the way murder is bad” are more repulsive.

  6. MonkeyPox Says:

    The latter.

  7. Bikemonkey:
    —“In a church no less”—
    You seem to suggest that there was something incongruous with the locale for this evil deed. I don’t think so at all. The church has created this fucking right wing terrorist monster, nurtured it over centuries and given it credibility. The church has always made it OK to kill—as long as the killing fits its moral compass.
    Whether it be ritualized sexual abuse of children, systemic misogyny or the murder of those who disagree, the church has led it all. Let’s give the mutherfuckers more tax breaks, why don’t we?
    Sometimes I hope there is indeed a hell so that these assholes will burn for eternity in it. But then I snap back to reality and figure I’d rather see them all fry in this lifetime.

  8. rehctaw Says:

    This is the face of terrorism held in check by the lying liars who just got done rat-fucking the whole country and booted out of power.

    The diseased splinters of gullible asswipes who enabled the rat-fuckers are now insurgents and should be dealt with accordingly.

    Having been told that lib ur als will ruin the country and that they should prepare for rapture and Armageddon, fear, fear, fear, hate, hate, hate…
    now loosed and unmedicated…

    Frying’s too good for them.

  9. BikeMonkey Says:

    ‘stache, what about the whole sanctuary thing? Dates back at least to the Middle Ages doesn’t it? And perhaps more importantly is a critical plot point in the Highlander movies.

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