June 14, 2009



8 Responses to “w00t!!”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    Nice bat!

    I wonder if they make basketball players as well.

  2. jc Says:


  3. It has to be said, you’re a big loser. Goddammit.

  4. LostMarbles Says:

    It’s a baseball themed lawn gnome. Are you trying to win the World’s Saddest Person award?

  5. BikeMonkey Says:

    LM it is appropriate for YankFans though.

  6. Hey, is that a physical representation of the effectiveness of the Yankees bullpen, or just Chien-Ming Wang? Maybe it’s a statue if the most best triple A pitching prospect the Yankees have? Hahahahahaha

  7. Be careful… one sports team-themed gnome, placed in the garden overnight by a drunken neighbour, can escalate into a 10 year (and counting) gnome war. Just ask my parents…

  8. bikelib Says:

    Wow, even cute little gnomes can root for dickwad losers in pinstripes.

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