Weapons of Mass Destruction

June 28, 2009


Jacksonville Police say they arrested a man for having weapons of mass destruction.

On Friday officers arrested Clay Stampley from a routine traffic stop. Police say Stampley was carrying a concealed weapon which turned out to be a sawed off shotgun.

After a search of a residents police say they found another sawed off shot gun. Stampley is being held on a $25,000 bond.

A dude with a motherfucking sawed-off shotgun is being charged with possession of a weapon of mass motherfucking destruction!?!?!? What the fucking fuck are these deranged cops smoking?


4 Responses to “Weapons of Mass Destruction”

  1. Paul Gowder Says:

    I guess Saddam did have WMDs then.

  2. Dude, these days, a fucking paper clip can be labled a weapon of mass destruction.
    In case no one has been watching, the motherfuckers in our government, who we pay, passes fucked up legislation 40 hours a week.
    There are so many fucking fucked up laws on the books it would make the Encyclopedia look like a fucking Post It Note.

  3. jaredcormier Says:

    Sawed-off shotgun=WMD? Doesn’t this dilute the meaning of “mass” and “destruction” just a bit? Next they’ll start calling in biological weapons threats for dirty diapers and chemical weapons threats for spilled rubbing alcohol.

    What could they have charged me with when I had 6 venomous snakes and a gallon of formaldehyde in my trunk?

    print: Hello NSA!

  4. Pat Says:

    Somefuckingbody should start steriod checking these assholes that are pretending to be our “protect and serve” servants. They have become everything we didn’t want. i.e. muscle bound buzzcut troglodytes.

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