Delusional GOP Fuckwads Crack Me The Fuck UP!!!111!!!

July 16, 2009


In a potential sign of Sotomayor’s strong political momentum, however, Senate Republicans indicated they do not intend to filibuster her nomination on the Senate floor.

It’s also a “potential sign” of the filibuster-proof Democratic caucus majority in the Senate! Fucking right-wing morons are just getting more and more pathetic every day, pretending like they have any remaining substantial electoral relevance. If it weren’t for the craven spinelessness of the Democrats, the GOP wouldn’t even possess the meager scraps they still do.


6 Responses to “Delusional GOP Fuckwads Crack Me The Fuck UP!!!111!!!”

  1. jc Says:

    Graham BUGS THE HELL OUTTA ME. I’m so glad Sessions left his white sheet and pointy hat at home this time. Sotomayor is getting plenty of practice for the hypocrazy she’s gonna rip through on SCOTUS.

  2. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    You’d think with the Al Franken coverage they’d know this. Or maybe they do know this and they’re hoping no one else knows this.

    Did you see David Cone making an appearance on behalf of Sotomayor? Lol

  3. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    (Er, not on behalf but in support of her.)

  4. Bumerry Says:

    Okay, due to a grad school project, I spent the coupla weeks previous to watching the confirmation grandstanding /hearings reading and watching low grade porn.

    The thing is, Lindsay Graham sounded EXACTLY like an auto-mechanic-turned-Dom in an amateur porn flick called “Cheerleader in Danger” for the entire proceedings. At certain turns of phrase, I actually found myself checking for jerk off arm motions, or at least a little meaningful belt fondling.

    Consider if you will the following statements:

    “Do you understand me?”
    “This is an opportunity for a little self-reflection.”
    “How do you think you’d fare under al Qaeda rule?”
    “I might get to like you. And you should want me to like you.”

    and, over and over

    “We’ll just come back to that in the next session.” (complete with self-congratulatory threatening tone)

    Does this sound more like a Senate Judiciary Committee member or a fifth rate amateur porn character?

    If Lindsay’d popped out with “Clean yerself up with this shop rag for THE NEXT SESSION. And yer new name is CumJudge.” I might not have even noticed.

  5. —“If it weren’t for the craven spinelessness of the Democrats, the GOP wouldn’t even possess the meager scraps they still do.”—

    I am even more angry at the Dems. Stop trying to appease and start stomping the shit outta the GOP. Fuck em. If they whine, stomp on them some more. Sheeeshh, it is not that fucking difficult.

  6. DuWayne Says:

    Ahh, if only we had politicos with motherfucking balls and the ethics to actually do what the fuck they say they’re going to do…

    Silly magical thinking I know, but a man can dream.

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