Gates Arrest Cops Gone Mad

July 24, 2009

Fuck these fucking pigs. Crowley is a fascist authoritarian power-mad sick fuck compensating for his little-dick syndrome, like 90% of all fucking pigs who long to become pigs to make up for their little dicks.

10 Responses to “Gates Arrest Cops Gone Mad”

  1. peter Says:

    What the fuck man, its about time an uppity nigger prof gets clobbered to teach him his place.

    We need to get back to the good old value days, were a nigger knew his place. No shit. Otherwise those buggers might think they can match intelligence with an average white guy – and you know where that leads…

  2. jc Says:

    Yet again, the prez wants a middle ground. Golly gee boys, let’s have some beers. Ooh, this is a teaching moment. Here’s the lesson: A racial profiling popo instructor will teach you that you are not white, and will lock you the hell up for whateverthefuck reason springs to dick first. Class dismissed.

  3. Nan Says:

    The cop’s skin is way too thin if he can’t handle an almost-elderly academic insulting him.

  4. Marksman2000 Says:

    Cops are power-mongers and control freaks. Even though Gates provided proof that he lived at that address, the cop still wanted to stay and argue. Did it ever occur to him that if he GOT THE FUCK AWAY from the house that the situation would have ended?

  5. Katie Says:

    Anyone who can’t see how very gray this entire case is must have his/her head pretty damn far up his/her ass.

  6. George Tirebiter Says:

    Wow! Judge, jury, and executioner? You and Marksman2000 have all the answers.

  7. cookingwithsolvents Says:

    The cop had SOME kind of “special moment” to arrest a HARVARD PROFESSOR after getting into it with him (or her). That’s pretty dumb, no matter what color the parties involved are, black, white, or purple. The whole thing would’ve made at least the CNN ticker if both were white guys. . .

    Colin Powell sums it up pretty well:

    p.s. the guys are gonna chill on the lawn and have a beer w/ obama. Now that’s a kiss-and-make-up party.

  8. bikemonkey Says:

    Bud Light? sheeeeeeiiit……

  9. terrifiedtabetic Says:

    Olde English, baby!

  10. bikemonkey Says:

    That’s racially insensitive spotty!

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