Tour De France Question For My Readers

July 24, 2009

In today’s field sprint, it looked to me like green jersey Hushovd–who was in perfect third position behind Cavendish and Cavendish’s teammate leading him out–didn’t even attempt to come around Cavendish at the end, and just sat on his wheel to take second place in the stage.

Anyone else think this is what happened? Was it some sort of strategic agreement between Cavendish’s and Hushovd’s teams?

5 Responses to “Tour De France Question For My Readers”

  1. bardiac Says:

    I think he’s learned that he can’t beat Cavendish in a straight out sprint when Cavendish has a really great lead out. But that’s only a guess?

    Maybe he was okay with just losing 5 points on the green jersey competition, knowing that he’s likely to be able to keep the jersey to the end Cavendish with only 25 (? I think that’s it) points behind.

    Those guys just fly, don’t they?

  2. pbradley Says:

    I think Thor’s just intimidated. Did you see Tyler get boxed in by the Columbia rider -could even had been Hincapie- payback?

  3. Nic Says:

    Knows he can’t win but needs to do just enough to keep the lead for his green jersey. I don’t think he cared about today’s stage win. It will be interesting to see if he goes for victory in Paris.

  4. peter Says:

    and just sat on his wheel to take second place in the stage.

    maybe he needed some steroids?

  5. tai haku Says:

    Cav just owns Thor in the non-whining to the race administrator aspects of le tour.

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