August 2, 2009


5 Responses to “R.I.P.”

  1. It was beautiful that Melky hit for the cycle as part of the Yankees win today.

  2. Munson was a class act.

  3. physiobabe Says:

    I remember that day well. So sad.

  4. I never saw Munson play, just video and written accounts. But despite Jeter’s popularity for my generation the greatest Yankee is Mo Rivera. I don’t know a single fan of another team that wouldn’t trade their closer for them now. If he walked out in the 9th inning, fuck it, its over. Shut off the TV, go brush your teeth, the man is coming in to strike out the side.

  5. For me it was the summer between sophomore and junior years of high school – I was getting dressed for my evening shift as a dishwasher at Grandma’s Saucy Apron in Wallington, NJ, listening to 99X (WXLO-FM, New York) when I heard the news of the crash.

    This Daily News article reprinted this week was superb; I had not appreciated that he was still alive after the crash but couldn’t get out the way his instructor and friend did.

    Also reminds me it was just over a year ago that we lost Bobby Murcer, too.

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