Chest Waxing For Charity Goes BANG!

August 8, 2009

As you may recall, fellow ScienceBlogger Ethan Siegel of Starts With A Bang agreed to wax his chest in exchange for $1000 combined charitable donation from Isis the Scientist and Comrade PhysioProf to Kiva, the micro-loan outfit.

Well, the motherfucker actually did it! Here is his chest in it’s pre-wax hairy glory:

And here is a Youtube video of the waxing process:

Ouch! As promised Isis the Scientist and I have made our donations to Kiva. Isis is directing her ScienceBlogs proceeds to Kiva going forward until they reach $500, and I have just directly donated my portion to Kiva’s operating budget.

Anyone who is impressed by Ethan’s courageous chest-waxing escapade is hereby encouraged to go over to Kiva and make a loan or donation.

Since Ethan has caught the waxing and shaving for charity bug, the comments of this post are an open auction for charitable donations in exchange for Ethan to remove MORE HAIR FROM HIS BODY! We will not stop until Ethan is COMPLETELY HAIRLESS!!!!111!!!11!! ELEVENty!111!


9 Responses to “Chest Waxing For Charity Goes BANG!”

  1. Nan Says:

    Ouch. What a mensch. First the pain as it’s ripped off, and then the itching as it grows back.

    So, is there a minimum bid?

  2. Brazilian bikini wax!!!11!!1!!1!!!

  3. drdrA Says:

    Awesome Ethan!! And I LOVE, love, love KIVA. Such a great way to help others.

    Ok, OK- the care bears moment is over now.

  4. LostMarbles Says:

    I still want to know how much the eyebrows would cost.

  5. Tough bastard with a huge heart,good on ya dude.

    I says, glad that he only has four sets of eleven hairs on his chest.
    Actually, now that I DO look, I’m a hairy little monkey!

  6. Funky Fresh Says:

    I still think he should do his sack.

  7. bikemonkey Says:

    WTF is this, Rome???

  8. cicely Says:

    Completely hairless???

  9. Holy ouch! I have a bit of a hairy chest myself, though not quite that much. That much pain tolerance definitely deserves a few charitable bucks, and I think I’ll be kicking in a few myself.

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