C’mon PZ, You Know Better

August 9, 2009

PZ Myers just posted approvingly about an ABC News report on the visit of him and a bunch of other non-deranged people to some Creationism Museum or some such shit:

Our visit to the Creation “Museum” is being reported on ABC News now — not a bad report by a reporter who was actually there.

No, the article sucks motherfucking shit, and is evidence for the complete utter degeneracy of “journalism” in the United States.

A real journalist assesses the claims made by two parties to a dispute or controversy and attempts to determine who is right, and who is wrong. This is the role explicitly envisioned for the Press by the Founders of the United States. It was considered an absolutely essential element of a functional constitutional republic.

This article, conversely, is typical “while some say…, others say…” lazy, craven, corporatist, infortainment bullshit churned out by motherfucking asskissing douchebags who care about nothing other than pleasing their corporate masters and sucking up to celebrities, politicians, and other sources of power.

A real journalist would have investigated the respective claims of the dumbfuck museum and PZ’s band of skeptics and DRAWN A CONCLUSION ABOUT WHO HAS THE BETTER CLAIM! That is what journalists are supposed to motherfucking do!

It is because of their complete total abdication of their professional ethics that the press of the United States bear major responsibility for horrible bad shit like the Iraq war, the Bush/Cheney near-dictatorial power grab, the destruction of health care reform, and a fuckton of other horrible corporate/fascist shit that is going on in this country. Fucking scumbags.

Yeah, it’s nice that the reporter didn’t characterize you and your compatriots as “evil vicious shrill hateful angry puppy-torturing kitten-braising atheist berserkers”, but c’mon PZ.


7 Responses to “C’mon PZ, You Know Better”

  1. Beaker Says:

    The best piece of journalism about the Creation Museum is found here.

    A video of the brave investigative reporter can be found here. Some will find his guise offensive, but I think it’s freakin’ hilarious.

  2. Silver Fox Says:

    You’re spot on PhysioProf. Any creditable journalist would have evaluated the relative merits of the two sides.

    He would have made a determination as to whether these creationists are a bunch of delusional wackaloons and wingnuts who regularly abuse their children by passing on to them some ghastly christian make believe with fairies in the sky and deprive the kids of the opportunity to use their reasoning abilities to pass judgment on this hogwash.
    He would have determined that the atheist rabble in truth is the few and the proud who has risen above the level of the common ilk and are the Illuminati, the “brights” among us who are trying to establish rationality in our world.

    Or, He might find out that the Christians were exercising their rights in a Democratic Republic to raise their children as they damn well see fit. They were passing on the gifts of faith that had been passed on to them. He could even have found out that the atheists were a relatively small band of godbashers who were misguided and had trouble minding their own business.

  3. Suzan Says:

    Thanks for your commentary on this utter nonsense, CPP.

    This blather disguised as “news” must be stopped and the definition of what constitutes true journalism reinstated ASAP.


  4. On a similar note, if I have to read one more AP or other corporate media report claiming that Zelaya was holding a referendum on extending term limits, or “explaining” that this is why he was ousted, “opponents say,” I’m going to lose it. Why don’t you people investigate whether there’s any basis for what his opponents – demonstrated liars and coup-plotters – say, or whether it even makes sense? Journalists, my ass.

  5. bikemonkey Says:

    c’mon dude, if a guy wears a shirt to DisneyWorld saying “there’s some smelly meth addict inside the Pluto suit” wouldn’t that ruin your kid’s trip from flyoverland too? Have a heart!

  6. Kowalski Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    This sloppy middle ground bullshit is one of my pet peeves!
    Pro-bloggers do this, too, they try to please everyone by having wishy-washy opinions.
    PZ might slowly be drifting towards this, recently he defended Bill Maher receiving the Dawkins Award.

  7. bikemonkey Says:

    “PZ might slowly be drifting towards this, recently he defended Bill Maher receiving the Dawkins Award.”

    Of course he did, because Bill Maher knows how to frame the issues properly…with humour! PZ loves him some framin’

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