August 9, 2009



6 Responses to “W00T-MOTHERFUCKING-H00T!!!!!!!!111!!11@!!11!!”

  1. Dennis Says:


  2. Larry H. Says:

    Not apropos anything, but I heard this and thought of you:

    McNulty (at an open bar): Give me a shot of Jameson.
    Bartender: All we have is Bushmill’s.
    McNulty: That’s protestant whiskey!
    Bartender: The price is right.

  3. Nat Says:

    So so sweet!

  4. !!!11!!!!!11!!!!!

    Maybe I’ll wear my Yankees cap today.

  5. I’m just waiting for my boy Gardner to show back up in the lineup soon.

  6. scribbler50 Says:

    Just like the old days, Prof, now to keep it Going.
    Cheers, Bro!

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