Boston Sports Hack Bows To Awesomeness of Yankees

August 21, 2009

Long time Boston partisan hack beat writer and all-around Red Socks suck-up Tony Massarotti recognizes that the Yankees are totally motherfucking awesome, not just because they use their huge budget to buy expensive players, but because they have been really good at nurturing young talent:

Tonight, when the New York Yankees rumble into Fenway Park, perception and reality will clash. The team known for its multimillion-dollar superstars will have more than its share of budding youngsters, much to the chagrin of Red Sox supporters who would prefer to paint a far different picture.

Take a good look at the first-place Yankees this weekend. From Robinson Cano to Phil Hughes to Joba Chamberlain to Melky Cabrera, they have the kind of home-grown talent that makes them far more competitive with the Red Sox in that area than most anyone ever acknowledges.



13 Responses to “Boston Sports Hack Bows To Awesomeness of Yankees”

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  2. In as much as MLB sucks ass, a strong case can be made that the Yankees, over the past couple of decades and possibly for a lot longer, have done more smart things to try and win than any other organization in pro sports.
    They get the headlines for the big signings but are constantly under-appreciated for the talent that they catch early and nurture—aside from the new generation mentioned in the article, the older guard have homegrowns like Jeter, Rivera, Williams, Pettite, Soriano, Posada….these spring to mind immediately but I’m sure there are more….
    Just so we’re clear though—major league baseball still sucks ass.

  3. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    HAHAHAHAH. Excellent.

    I can usually get $5 tickets to Fenway games. But I have no one to go with!!! Oh the irony.

  4. Kevin O. Says:

    New York has hit their stride and are pulling away.

    The playoffs are a different story just ask Sabathia.
    Boston put together prospects of their own: Buckholz,Ellsbury,Lester, Pedroia, Papelbon, Delcarmen and Youkilis all drafted. Red Sox will roll in playoffs.

  5. Dennis Says:

    With Texas one game out of the Wild Card race, I think it’s a little early for Sawx fans to be talking about the playoffs.

  6. Kevin O. Says:

    I agree that it si too early for Sawx Nation to be talking playoffs. NY is kicking the sheet out of Sawx tonite. What happened to Damon?

  7. PickingPros Says:

    .A-Rod has been way off the last month+ but hit well in this game. The Sox are in big trouble if they lose this series. If A-Rod gets hot towards the end of the season for once this could be the year for A-rod and the yankees.

  8. Red Sox will roll in playoffs.

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!! Fuck you, Red Sock fan!!!!!!!

  9. ron Says:

    world champs – phillies.

    whens the last time the yankees won anything other than the biggest payroll trophy?

  10. suck it, red socks.

    @Physiogroupie IV, I can usually get $5 tickets to Fenway games.


  11. ukind Says:

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  12. Vytautas Says:

    For a guy who calls himself “Comrade”, you seem to overlook the right-wing fascist organization that is the $kankees.

    Case in point: How many other teams play “God Bless America” every fucking game? Self-righteous, Republican, fascist fuckwads….


    Boston, MA

  13. I am well aware of the fact that the Steinbrenners are depraved fascist right-wing scumbags. The Yankees were great before the Steinbrenners, and the Yankees will be great after the Steinbrenners.

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