August 30, 2009



7 Responses to “SCHWING!!!!111!!1!11!!1!!”

  1. scribbler50 Says:

    You’re going through quite a few brooms this season, maybe you should pick up a vacuum cleaner.
    Congrats, Yank!

  2. I like this broom. Really picking up a lot of dust.

  3. Kowalski Says:

    Aw, a new broom!!
    …and congrats!

  4. The link to the old broom broke, since Newsday removed it from their site. This one is at some Wikifucktikia joint, so maybe it’ll last longer.

  5. rehctaw Says:

    Hey, CPP,
    Whaddaya know?

    Angels picked up Kazmir. How’s that post-season west coast trip lookin’ NOW?

  6. Goatfucker Says:


  7. BikeMonkey Says:

    Dude I thought this was a motherfucking…wait, what the fuck kinda blog is this anyway?

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