Lou Holz Is A Blithering Cockdoucheweaselmonkey

September 3, 2009

Yeah, the Irish are totally gonna win the BCS Championship. Why the fuck does ESPN give this cockwad a platform for his inanity? And has there ever been anyfuckingone with a worse voice for teevee?


8 Responses to “Lou Holz Is A Blithering Cockdoucheweaselmonkey”

  1. TomJoe Says:

    Who the hell is Lou Holz?

    I know Lou Holtz used to be ND’s coach.

  2. bikelib Says:

    Sean Hannity. Next question.

  3. anon Says:

    it’s not that Hannity has the worst voice, it’s just that he vomits a constant stream of horseshit. Eric Young’s is up there for fuckin’ annoying.

  4. Thelma and Louise Says:

    Boy howdy, sure enough that’s some seriously wicked name-callin. Ya are a genius! Absolutely! Gonna put it over me and Louise’s blog for sure. Jus gonna stick it on over on the left side so everyone wanderin by can wake up quicklike upon seein it.

  5. Thelma and Louise Says:

    Mayhap ya wanna see your poetry out there: http://evendumbasseshavefeelings.blogspot.com/. It’s over on the left under Wake ya right up, this will!

  6. Pennsylvaniac Says:


    I drink a shot of MFJ in your honor.

  7. Holtz had some decent years at ND, even winning a national championship. Then the poor bastard loused it up for a while at South Carolina being the SEC’s bitch (One year going 0-11). Now he’s just a senile ole bat relegated to colour commentary. I think only Tom Waits had a worse sounding voice than Holtz.

  8. Marc Rosen Says:

    I’ll see your Blithering Cockdoucheweaselmonkey, and raise you a Nazirimmingtittyclampingtamponpopsicle!

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