Athletic Beauty (UPDATED)

September 9, 2009

Derek Jeter just tied Lou Gherig’s record for most hits as a NY Yankee.

UPDATE: Someone who was at the game sent me this picture:



7 Responses to “Athletic Beauty (UPDATED)”

  1. isisthescientist Says:

    Derek Jeter can suck my dick.

  2. BikeMonkey Says:

    Dang Isis, I thought all that “to my Lady GaGa” stuff was just, umm…well, ….oh boy. Backing away now…

  3. TomJoe Says:

    CPP, get your nose out of Jeter’s jockstrap.

  4. Bikemonkey,
    You didn’t back off soon enough….I am laughing my ass off!!

    Also, Jeter is phenomenal but MLB still sucks.

  5. I’m not a Yankees fan but Jeter is the classiest, hard-working mother fucker out there. He plays hard, has racked up a body count of hot chicks that would make DiMaggio feel like scrub, and makes the douche who plays 90 feet to his right look like an utter pussy. Well done Derek, well done.

  6. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    Yeaaaah Jeet!

  7. They need to put Jeter’s picture next to the word “professional” in the dictionary.
    At least Lou Gehrig’s record fell to a deserving player…..

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