Question For My Politically Savvy Readers

September 20, 2009

Why the fuck is Obama involving himself in the New York governor’s race?


10 Responses to “Question For My Politically Savvy Readers”

  1. Lemur Says:

    Shits and giggles? Too much spare time? Alien voices command him?

    At this point, unless he does something beneficial and/or progressive, I don’t give a shit what he does. If he wants to dither around with the conservatives, judge beauty pageants, get involved with gubernatorial elections… whatever.

  2. And why the fuck did he get involved with the Cambridge police department?

  3. BikeMonkey Says:

    He’s de-racifying the primary. Interesting gambit. Veeeeeery risky.

  4. rehctaw Says:

    He’s being dragged hither and yon with malice and distracting purpose. If he hadn’t weighed in, that too would have been distractingly twisted as ducking the issue.

    Since exploding heads are the resultant of anything he does or does not do, he may as well be himself. Whether or not you think he can competently track all the blips and ghosts on his radar, you have to admit, his antics and positions have been a refreshing CHANGE.

    I can’t fault him for that. I still think he’s ahead of the curve presidency wise. Yes, all of the problems remain and there’s been no significant resolutions, but it’s all being aired, configured and measured without locking the pieces in place.

    Considering the stakes, not at all a bad approach. Getting things to fall into place slowly has risk attached. But forcing shit until it fits or breaks off is hardly an option.

    So far it’s been only money, and only on paper at that. Reversing voodoo economics is tricksy.

  5. Because he can.

    (Answer unabashedly stolen from St Augustine)

  6. Mike H Says:

    Our Dear Leader cant afford to lose the NY Governorship and 2010 senate seat to the GOP. Right now Patterson is about as popular as a case of chlamydia and will be a significant drag on the ticket. Gillibrand is going to have a hard enough time without Patterson as an anchor, especially if Pataki is on the ticket. There best bet is to dump Patterson (who is a shoe in for a slaughter anyways) and try to salvage as much as they can.

  7. scribbler50 Says:

    To add to what Mike H said, if Patterson is still around to drag down the ticket, Giuliani skates into the governorship if he decides to run. Horrible thought. Maybe Obama agrees with that sentiment.

  8. I’d agree with Mike H that it’s a Gillibrand/60 votes issue. What’s funny is that Obama’s team figured they’d force Patterson out by going public (presumably after failing to force him out behind the scenes), but nope! Patterson’s got the political future of a tuna fish.

  9. BikeMonkey Says:

    Obama’s team figured they’d force Patterson out by going public (presumably after failing to force him out behind the scenes)

    nope. Obama is providing cover to the Dems who want to back someone else and were afraid of getting hit with the racial angle that Hilary supporters in the Pres primary got hit with. if the HNIC says it’s okay….

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