Polanski’s Suffering Of Indignities

September 29, 2009

The argument that I find the most outlandishly bankrupt is that he has suffered for thirty years–constant fear of apprehension, unable to travel to certain countries, missing out on awards events, etc–and that is enough punishment, so leave him alone. The only reason he has had to endure these supposed indignities is that he has been a motherfucking fugitive from the fucking law.

Fuck him, and fuck his suffering of indignities. He should have thought of that when he raped a child and then fled justice.

20 Responses to “Polanski’s Suffering Of Indignities”

  1. Funky Fresh Says:

    Polanski is a goatfucker.

  2. Kowalski Says:

    People working in the “industry” have told me about “poor Polanski” as well, but they also complain about sexual harassment during stage kisses where tongues are shoved down their throats, casting couches and the pressure to maintain a size zero, if you want any jobs.
    Somehow misogyny is only bad when it affects them personally… IBTP

  3. Larry H. Says:

    If I were not already convinced of the massive stupidity of most of the human race, my mind would be boggled that this is even an item of controversy.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Amen physioprof.

    And he is worse than a goatfucker.

  5. Lemur Says:

    Hear, hear! Such total ratshit.

  6. k8 Says:

    That someone even thinks in that manner boggles my brain.

  7. gnuma Says:

    Every article I read written by a dumbfucker journalist is slanted in his favor — they and woody allen can suck my nonexistent dick.

  8. Phledge Says:

    Amazing the length of the list of people who support his rapist ass, too. I might never take in a movie again, ever.

  9. How about he gets ordained, we all call him Rev. Polanski or Fr. Polanski or whatever and he just gets transferred to another parish? He’ll fit right in with his pedophile brethren (in Christ, of course) then.

  10. El Picador Says:

    Anyone who can get past “13 yr old girl” with a straight face can lick my snatch.

  11. Spiny Norman Says:

    Anonymoustache, ftw!

  12. jc Says:

    Rape Defenders of Hollywood

    I’m not paying ONE FUCKING DIME for any movie with ANY of these assholes. Rape is RAPE. FULL STOP. There’s not “rape rape” ala Whoopi, which apparently is different from regular rape committed by non movie-producing sickshits. Hollywood is derailing the fuck out of rape of a 13 year old girl by turning it into a “save the sanctity of the precious movie awards and actors” stunt. I printed out the blacklist and if I don’t watch another movie ever again, so be it. Sayonara Star Wars, it was fun for a while until a bunch of you whacks made me puke on your shoes. Good thing I have lots of classics to watch, with actors I respect.

  13. I am so disappointed in Martin Scorsese. You can have the rest of their narcissistic asses, but… Marty? Ohhhh, not Marty.


  14. jc,
    Now how about someone getting together a list of all businesses/individuals who deal with the world champion of the major leagues of institutionalized child rape, the Catholic Church, so we can boycott all those motherfuckers too? Oh wait, is there enough bandwidth on the internet to hold that list?

  15. El Picador Says:

    Sol, what are you doing pretending to be Anonymoustache???

  16. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    Dude makes good movies. Making good movies doesn’t excuse rape, no matter how long ago it happened and even if the victim wants things to be over and done with already. Had he not fled, this would have been over by now, no? Seems like the drawn-out nature of the imprisonment, possible extradition, and related legal problems are ALSO his own doing.

  17. Katharine Says:

    You’ve forgotten the morons who signed this petition are members of the entertainment industry, which is entirely composed of anencephalic fuckfaces.

  18. Kowalski Says:

    @ Katharine.
    Please have a look at this blog:
    international coalition on abuse & disability

    A few random examples:
    “the case of Carol Iveson, AKA Carol Siemens, 56. Iveson was a respite care worker who was taking care of a then 21-year-old woman with an intellectual disability. Iveson accepted payment from a 73-year-old man who she allowed to have sex with the young woman who was entrusted to her care on two occasions.”

    “two men have been arrested and a third man is being sought in connection to the “gang rape” of a “mentally challenged” woman in her early twenties. The woman was abducted by the crew of a milk van and driven to a desolate area where she was assaulted.”

    “More than 18 years ago in May 1991, a young door-to-door salesman asked to be let into the residence of a 45-year-old woman who had cerebral palsy in order to use the toilet. The small kindness she gave him by allowing him in was rewarded with a violent rape and life-threatening injuries that required blood transfusion and emergency surgery. The perpetrator was not apprehended and went unpunished for almost two decades.”

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