Door Holding Etiquette

October 12, 2009

If I am exiting a public doorway in front of you, and I hold the door briefly as I exit so you can then hold it for yourself without it striking you, don’t stop in the doorway while I’m holding it and use both hands to button your coat. I’m not your motherfucking valet, cockwad.


10 Responses to “Door Holding Etiquette”

  1. physiobabe Says:

    Happens daily at NY commuter train stations. How about the assholes who, when you hold the door briefly, just walk through without putting a hand on the door to hold for the next person?

  2. Lurky Says:

    Plus, strange men, stop with that game of “Let’s make the lady run”.

    Holding the door open while looking expectantly at me 10 paces away, while I have to decide whether to make you wait or to run to the door is not cool. It’s the reverse of walking behind me and staring at my arse.


  3. bikemonkey Says:

    I think you people need more actual adversity in your lives.

  4. Fixer Says:

    That’s when ya let it crack ‘im atween the eyes.

  5. Lurky Says:

    My apologies, bikemonkey.

    My bikeseat is so comfy and my flipflops so genius I have lost my ability to relate to the hoi poloi.

  6. xestospongin Says:

    So, 5 paces away would be OK? Or maybe only 2?
    Jesus, chill the fuck out and recognize that the hoi polloi are just trying to be nice!

  7. DuWayne Says:

    Indeed. That is when I just let the damned thing go and go on my merry.

  8. Heh. Today I stood patiently holding the “door open” button in the elevator while some dozy person debated with her companion whether she needed to go up, or stay on the same floor. Then she turned and walked away without so much as a smile or nod in my direction.

    Don’t believe everything you hear about Canadians being polite.

  9. Larry H. Says:

    All you have to do is wave off the person holding the door.

  10. I have had to personally shout out to the person behind who was fidgeting with cell phone as I held the door, “Do I look like a fucking doorman, hurry up!” Or if someone (in one case big name PI) does not say thank you, I tend to respond with a loud your welcome.

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