Food In Laboratories

October 14, 2009

I used to pipette 4M NaCl stock solution into my lunchtime soup when I was a post-doc.


17 Responses to “Food In Laboratories”

  1. My undergrad advisor would sprinkle EDTA over his lunch.

  2. Geeka Says:

    My old boss used the lab grade powdered milk for his coffee, until I demonstrated that it cross reacted with mouse antibodies.

    I still ask him if he wants mouse pee with his coffee.

  3. BB Says:

    I have to fill out safety forms for the bottles of water I have in my lab.
    I miss the old days.

  4. Katharine Says:

    Knowing that EDTA is a chelation agent, why would anyone sprinkle EDTA on their food?

  5. Spiny Norman Says:

    So long as it’s NaCl and not NaN3!

    My postdoc advisor always mouth-pipetted his acrylamide solutions. (Actually, that explains a lot…)

  6. A fellow grad student’s PI was still using Sigma sucrose in his coffee just a couple of years ago. Unfortunately (?) I ‘grew up’ in the days of strict EHS protocols.

    Of course, all this explains why bio labs I took (for credit) felt the need to label every single bottle with ‘DO NOT EAT OR DRINK’.

  7. He wanted to sequester metal atoms before he ate them? That’s my best guess. This also comes from the lab that cleaned frits with chlorine gas (well, HCl and pool shock) on the bench top and had chemicals on the shelf labeled “Osmium??”

  8. How much 4M NaCl did you need for, say, 2 cups of soup?

  9. -80 freezers are great remedies for Snickers bars that have melted in the summer sun.

  10. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    So gross!

    Although, we had guys in the lab who drank Millipore (d.i.) water.

  11. One colleague who didn’t like coffee but wanted a booster added 100 mg caffeine (Sigma; St Louis, MO) to his water.

    Physiogroupie, ditto, though I always thought it was dumb.

  12. queenrandom Says:

    And here I thought I was bad because I drink my tea in an open mug at my bench.

    I did once get curious about the millipore water, but I stopped myself because it just seemed like a waste of money.

  13. I ate a lot of peanut M&Ms in gross anatomy

  14. Phledge Says:

    I rode a bike without a helmet once.

  15. Spiny Norman Says:

    @ Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde: without at least re-crystallizing it? Eeeeeewww.

  16. TomJoe Says:

    When I worked overnight in the hospital’s blood gas lab, I would eat my dinner next to the centrifuge as I was spinning down blood.

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