Reality TeeVee

November 28, 2009

For anyone who enjoys cooking and/or eating gourmet food, Top Chef is actually fascinating. It is very little about personality narishkeit, and very much about the actual skill of cooking. It is even better than Project Runway in that the judges on Top Chef are extremely analytical and detailed about their judgments and provide a fascinating insight into high-level professional gourmet cooking. This is quite different from Michael Kors with his “She looks like a two-bit tranny slut in an embroidered garbage bag” and Heidi Klum going on about whether the models’ asses look fat.

9 Responses to “Reality TeeVee”

  1. I love Top Chef! One of the few things I miss about not having cable–I have to catch up via iTunes, which is surprisingly slow in posting new episodes.

    I’m still laughing, though, about your description of Project Runway…

  2. Dr Becca Says:

    Agreed, agreed!! But I feel like Toby Young is the MK of Top Chef, what with his long-winded “this dish is what I imagine it would be like if Salman Rushdie and a Sumatran Orangutan were grooming each other’s beards, emptying all the bits of crud and dead hair from their combs onto a plate and then topping it off with a dollop of canned whipped cream mixed with low-grade petrol.”

  3. bioephemera Says:

    Shorter Physio Prof: “Suck my dick now or I’m gonna hold my breath until I die and go to heaven and it’s gonna be ALL YOUR FAULT, AMERICAN BITCH! And once I get to heaven, it’s gonna be filled with horny foreign sluts who will suck my dick NOW!”

  4. I love Top Chef. And Project Runway. And all sorts of other mind-rotting reality TV.

  5. I can totally see you being a judge on Project Runway- kind of like the whole baseball announcer thing.

  6. Narya Says:

    I’ve never watched Runway, but I love Top Chef. And I wish they’d add even more of the commentary on the food, and reduce the amount of dramatic music while the chefs stand in front of the judges’ table. It’s also interesting how you can tell who has some cooking chops and who doesn’t.

  7. rocketscientista Says:

    Top Chef>>Project Runway, though the latter is still a somewhat-guilty pleasure. The problem with Top Chef, though, is that I feel the need to get up and cook amazingness. At 11PM. On a weeknight. It has inspired some awesome dishes, and I now know to have awesome snacks at the ready.

    Oh, and I think Tom Colicchio is a god.

  8. My favorite is when Tony Bourdain guest judges, great wit and good analytical insight.

  9. Except for their ageist comments about Robin Leventhal (“grandma” etc), who got treated like shit. I was upset when she was voted off. It was like they just HAD TO pander to the Reality-TV faction that demands interpersonal nastiness.. rather than just sticking to the food porn.

    I certainly couldn’t have worked well in such a hostile atmosphere.

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