December 5, 2009

Why do delusional jesus-loving college football player fuck-ups with bible verses painted on their faces always thank the lord when they win big games, but never blame the lord when they lose big games?


6 Responses to “Ponderables”

  1. I remember asking myself the same thing when Tebow won the first Heisman then lost the natl championship. In our culture where everyone else seems to be responsible for one’s failings, I think God doesn’t get enough blame.

  2. pinus Says:

    This reminds me of a Mark Twain short story, The War Prayer. link because it is too long for a comment.


  3. Only an atheist could ask such a question. (((rolls eyes)))

    Certainly, you realize the DEVIL is responsible for your losses? What a dumb question! šŸ˜›

    (And I suppose you don’t believe in the tarot either!)

  4. ron Says:

    tebow blames himself for not choosing a better verse.

  5. Watching that biblical verse-clad Tebow lose today is what made the season ok for me (I won’t even say who I root for, but it was a painful one this year). That stuff is ridiculous.

    But in my own turn of ridiculosity, I fully plan on doing my thesis defense with those things, instead with Sagan 10^9,10^9 or something ridiculous on them. I also have folks I have made promise they will bring a D-Fence, and it will be sweet.

  6. Tebow will make more in a couple years of playing in the NFL than any of us will make our entire careers.

    Jealousy is an ugly thing PP.

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