Exclamation Of The Day

December 18, 2009

I am the great Count Douchebaggio of Douchebaggylvania!


8 Responses to “Exclamation Of The Day”

  1. El Picador Says:

    You might wanna open a window or something CPP…

  2. jc Says:


  3. You’re hitting the Jameson during the day now?

  4. El Picador Says:

    I hate motherfucking Douchebaggylvanians. Damn douchesuckers.

  5. Katharine Says:

    If you want to be consistent, you’ll have to be Douchebaggula of Douchebaggylvania or Douchebagescu of Douchebaggylvania. You have to put the Romanian ending on it, you know.

  6. Spiny Norman Says:

    You just wrote the Personal Statement for your new-form Biosketch.

  7. I think ‘Lord Douchebag the fifth, Earl of Douchebagshire-upon-Tyne’ sounds better. Conveys the arrogance more nicely, don’t you think?

  8. The Barefoot Bum Says:

    In other news, Earth orbits Sun. ‘-)

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