Expert NFL Ponderable

December 20, 2009

If Minnesota and the Eagles both end up 12-4 or 11-5, who gets the first round bye?

3 Responses to “Expert NFL Ponderable”

  1. Bob Costas says the Eagles have the tiebreaker, but not what it was.

  2. bob Says:

    The first tie-breaker is your record within the division, then record against each other, then record in the conference.

  3. Conf record is the same as both have two conf losses so far. I think that, as of now, the Carolina game is the difference. Record against common opponents takes precedence over conference record, I think, and Phi beat Car while Min lost to them. There is no one that Phi has lost to that Min has beaten, to offset this.
    I think it is moot even if conf record takes precedence, because Min would have to lose one of their remaining two for the tie scencario to come into play—and both their remaining games are nfc games. Only one of the remaining Phi games is an nfc game. Also, no common opponents left.
    So I think no matter what permutation of wins/losses leads to a tie in overall record between Min and Phi, Phi would have the advantage—regardless of common opponent games or conf record.
    I think the last week shapes up to be very interesting. Phi should beat Denver next week, and Min should beat Chi—heck the Bears couldn’t beat an egg if with a food processor right now. So I think it comes down to Phi-Dallas and Min-Giants. Man, I really hope that the Skins beat the Gints tonight and lose to Dallas next week so that I can root for the Gints to beat Min without fear of seeing the fortunate-son-manning making the playoffs.
    We all have our agendae, y’know.

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