Question For My Readers

December 20, 2009

Is there some reason that all the NFL teevee douchebags pronounce Jets QB Mark Sanchez’s name as “Mark San-CHEZ”–with the stress on the second syllable–rather than as “Mark SAN-chez”–which seems like the more prevalent pronounciation of this very common last name?

Is that how Sanchez’s family pronounces the name? Or are these motherfucking NFL teevee douchebags just trying to sound more “authentic”? Because every single motherfucking one of them has been doing this all season long.

3 Responses to “Question For My Readers”

  1. George Tirebiter Says:

    How would you pronounce “angst?” Would you Anglicize it or use the correct German pronunciation?

  2. ran Says:

    When I watch sports I typically do so with the sound off. Fuck a bunch of commercials, troop fellating and tiresome windbaggery when I can listen to good music instead.

  3. Jill Says:

    Does it really matter, as long as he keeps throwing the football to guys on the other team? I mean, I love a gorgeous soulful quarterback who listens to James Taylor before games as much as the next gal with a weakness for emo boys, but jeez…even I know where the football is supposed to go.

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