New Theory Of Lab Management

January 3, 2010

Instead of actually having discussions with my trainees, I am going to be the quarterback of my lab.



8 Responses to “New Theory Of Lab Management”

  1. I will be the (very) tight end.

  2. Damn it! CE beat me!!!!!

  3. Phledge Says:

    Until this morning I didn’t know there were spellings for those sounds. Amazing.

  4. Any excuse to be able to touch someone’s butt.

  5. Scicurious Says:

    OMG you sound like my advisor.

  6. cycloprof Says:

    If you already have a really good tight end, I guess the next best position is to play center. We all know that it all starts up front!

  7. You gotta find a good trainee to act as a blocker if they bring the rush.

  8. Isis said: Damn it! CE beat me!!!!!

    Actually some teams routinely employ two tight end sets. So no reason you both can’t be tight ends.

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