Nation Of Spoiled Children

January 8, 2010

God forbid the motherfucking President of the United States might have the unmitigated motherfucking gall to schedule the motherfucking State of the Union Address during some motherfucking teevee drivelshit. But thank motherfucking god, potential disaster has been averted:

Good news for fans of ”Lost” — the president doesn’t plan to mess up the television show’s season premiere.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says he doesn’t foresee a scenario in which President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address will fall on Feb. 2, the same night the show’s final season debuts.

Have we no fucking shame? No shame at all?

16 Responses to “Nation Of Spoiled Children”

  1. lylebot Says:

    I guess you won’t find it funny that I’ve thought the same thing about all previous Obama prime-time speeches, but that this time I was actually concerned about not getting my scheduled Lost fix. That show is like crack and heroin combined, man.

  2. jc Says:

    well, if “Lost” viewers tuned into teevee and saw the prez talking in the “Lost” timeslot about a mofo who tried to bring down a plane, the viewers might been “Lost”!

  3. drugmonkey Says:

    wasn’t there a time when if the President chose to address the nation it was common fucking courtesy to listen? when citizens would be overjoyed to hear what the leader of their country was thinking, whether they supported his policies or not. no?

  4. Jesus Fuck. So, there is some TEEVEEE show called Lost, and the President of the fucking United States is supposed to postpone the single most important presentation of the year because this TeeVee show is having some kind of event. Great. While I understand the need for people to get lost in whatever distraction they might be into, please jerk off on your own time. And, maybe, you need to zip up the pants, wipe off the hands, and perhaps pay attention to what’s going on the world, just once in a while…

  5. Phledge Says:

    Fucking bread and circuses, y’all.

  6. I stopped watching that show after about the 4th episode when there seemed to be some kind of monster in the motherfucking jungle. I prefer the reality of health care crises.

  7. Ouyang Dan Says:

    Jeebuz I thought I was the ONLY person alive who thought that the Lost viewership should put on their adult pants and deal with it. But fuck me for suggesting so…I was properly lambasted with how it is just a bunch of pointless political posturing and that they should be able to spend their time with something more worthwhile.

    Ceiling Cat forbid I still have this mentality left over from the military where if the CiC wants to talk to us, we STFU and L…

  8. Hilarious! Now if only it had been scheduled during the Super Bowl….

  9. toe jam Says:

    this country needs a number of things

    more chlorine in the gene pool

    a rigorous and unflinching culling of the herd

    a daily dose of 9.11’s until said culling is accomplished.

    seriously, can you believe these f***ing yokels ???


  10. isisthescientist Says:

    But, you don’t understand how long I have been waiting for the new season.

    If this had been during the Super Bowl and the Eagles were playing, this post would have been very different. Thankfully…nevermind.

  11. Mike K. Says:

    HAHAHAHA Isis…the Eagles in the Super Bowl. That’s fucking HI-larious.

  12. You motherfuckers wanna get banned?

  13. Isis the Scientist Says:

    Just saying, 27 to 7 against Dallas right now? You’ve got nothing to worry about, dude.

  14. With this decision, Hussein Obama is clearly pandering to the formidable atheist, Occult-loving sector of his base. When is everyone else finally going to figure out this man is not who he seems?

    Award Winning Interblogger

    p.s. LOST SPOILER:

    Due to the miracle of Night Time Holy Visions, I know for a fact that the Lost Jungle Beast is, in fact, nothing more original than an incarnation of the Dark Demon. see also, Matthew 4:1-11

  15. J Says:

    Not that I have sympathy for scheduling presidential addresses around teevee funtime, but c’mon–when is the last time a State of the Union had any motherfucking content? It’s almost always tripe — setting goals and priorities half of which one has no plan to even think about actually doing, claiming credit for a number of things where the credit and the president’s role in it is actually far more complicated and ambiguous, rallying us to face rising dangers, and mostly (recently) packing it with as much applause-line-bullshit for your own party as possible. I read somewhere that Jefferson sent his SOTU in letter form, and perhaps one modern president as well, as there’s no requirement for it to be in person, much less televised. Not that, of course, such an event SHOULDN’T be in public scrutiny, or that it’s unimportant to listen when the Prez speaks, but rather, that SOTU has been an opportunity to speak in even more content-less smug generalities, misrepresentations, and new campaign promises for as long as I can remember at least.

  16. ran Says:

    “perhaps pay attention to what’s going on the world”

    What the fuck are we supposed to learn about what’s going in the world by listening to a blood-soaked war criminal dipshit read lies from a teleprompter?

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