Foot In Mouth?

January 18, 2010

My suspicion is that Coakley will win the Massachusetts special senate election handily. Reasons for the media polls/buzz being that it is ZOMFGCLOSE!!111!!ELEVENTEEN!!11!!! are as follows:

(1) Coddled rich media scumbags have multiple orgasms when Democrats “get their comeuppance”, and every single fucking bit of their narrative efforts anticipate and are aimed at achieving total splooge all over the fucking place.

(2) Normal human beings–i.e., non-wingnut-fuck-ups–would rather stab their eyes out with a hot poker than spend time on the phone answering the questions of some sleazeball political polling operative.


10 Responses to “Foot In Mouth?”

  1. I’m on the verge of stabbing my eyes out… and may if I see one more fuckin’ picture of Scott Brown. During the Sunday political talk shows, ~80% of the ads were for Scott Brown. Every video on YouTube has a Scott Brown ad popping up next to it. And even some of the blogs (including Pascale’s) have banners popping up with Scott Brown’s face… next to Bush (W) and Cheney (these are anti-SB ads at least). I’ve always abhorred political seasons, but this is ridiculous. Excuse me while I go locate a suitable implement.

  2. antipodean Says:

    Who has a fucking phone line in their house anyway?

  3. Nat Says:

    Being on the ground here in MA, I am very surprised at the level of Brown support. Throw that in with the enormous amount of money pouring in for ads and phone calls (thanks for the call Curt Schilling, now go suck a donkey dick), and I’m not sure what to think. I am worried though.

  4. If Brown wins, it’ll be freaking hilarious. If the Democratic Party initiatives are that important, then you better do a fucking better job of making sure you hold the seat. Dipshits.

  5. muttie Says:

    I am worried too.

  6. lylebot Says:

    I got a call on my MA-number cell from some polling outfit. It was a robot poller and the first question it asked me was whether I was registered to vote in MA. I have not been registered to vote there since 2008, so I said no. It continued with its script: “Are you going to vote in the special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s senate seat tomorrow?” I hung up.

  7. Miss Outlier Says:

    On the bus in Cambridge today, I heard one girl say to her friend, “I talked to three of my friends today and they all voted Brown. And I thought, crap! And I went and voted.”

    I suspect that same thing must have happened on a state-wide level. It was more that Coakley lost the race than Brown won. Brown is liberal enough to appeal to voters here (the right-wing people don’t like him much, actually). Apparently you DO need to stand in the cold and shake hands, and Curt is not a Massachusettes Yankee fan.

  8. confused administrator Says:

    How’s that foot tasting right now?

  9. Katharine Says:

    Democrat politicians are real shitty at using psychology to their advantage.

  10. cookingwithsolvents Says:

    I was going to write-in for Alan Khazei, since I thought he was the best candidate, even if he lost the primary to Coakley (who I don’t like that much and am NOT impressed by). I ended up de facto campaigning for her the past few days because it became obvious that she was on her way to a loss. Un. Believe. Able.

    It was one of the worst run campaigns I’ve ever seen. There were tactical errors all over the place, not to mention her poor ability to connect with people (she doesn’t like shaking hands? SO WHAT, it’s your J-O-B!). It seems we are stuck with elected officials more interested in settling scores than Getting Sh*t Done(TM).

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