Question For My Readers

February 26, 2010

Can someone please explain to me why the Democrats didn’t take the opportunity of the “Health Care Summit” to tell the American people that the Republicans are lying, hateful, sacks of motherfucking shit who would be happy to see middle-class and poor Americans lying in the gutter dying of treatable illnesses and trying to survive eating fucking pet food? What motherfucking political genius decided that it made sense for the Democrats to keep talking like the Republicans are even engaging in good faith, let alone making any kind of fucking sense at all?


22 Responses to “Question For My Readers”

  1. BDR Says:

    Either all these Democratic fuckers like Schumer w/his 1600 SAT score and law degrees from Ivys are some dumb motherfuckers *OR* they see no political gain in calling Republicans lying, hateful, sacks of motherfucking shit **OR** – my bet – Democrats are lying, hateful, sacks of motherfucking shit too.

  2. They’re all on the same team, playing good cop-bad cop against the working class on behalf of the bloated plutocrats.

  3. Katharine Says:

    Because they’re politicians.

  4. Dr. No Says:

    Because that insightful story about the lady who had to wear her dead sisters teeth was clearly more important- I haven’t been the same since.

  5. Dr. O Says:

    Because Democrats are evidently spineless…

  6. JLK Says:

    Because, as Jon Stewart so eloquently put it, Democrats are pussies.

  7. Dr. O Says:

    😀 Gotta love Daily Show.

  8. skeptifem Says:

    I think that the business interests of democrats are more varied, so they aren’t quite as homogeneous as republicans when it comes to policy. Blue dog democrats are a good example of this (they all ended up being in some healthcare company’s pocket). Republicans seem to have very little variety in the industries that prop up their campaigns and lifestyles, and the interests being threatened by reform are probably working harder to oppose these measures.

    The fight for something like a public option will be won when enough companies are angered at the rates of insurance that something forceful will happen. After all, this healthcare system problem has been a problem for a long fucking time, way longer than politicians have been talking about it nationally. You can see the wal-mart strategy (helping their employees get on medicaid and making their plan too expensive for their employees to buy) feeding into why this is suddenly such a Big Deal in the media. Why would companies want to pay such crazy rates to insure their employees when there is a cheaper way? Important people are starting to care about how much money and work they have to put into health insurance for employees, so they want the insurance industry spanked for it. Democrats are doing their real job just fine. They represent the most powerful people in the country, not regular people. I have a feeling that insurance companies (who would be fucking destroyed by any humane option for health care reform) are a lot more willing to pour obscene amounts of money and effort into this fight than businesses who are merely inconvenienced by the current system.

    I have worked in not for profit and for profit hospitals. In for profit places, workers are encouraged to poke people with needles that are more difficult to use because they are cheaper. Yeah, really. Well being of patients and profit are not a good mix. Insurance companies do nothing but decide who deserves care and when, the idea that everyone deserves care is absolutely opposed to their purpose as an industry.

  9. Democrats are doing their real job just fine.

    No, they aren’t. Because they are incapable of maintaining and deploying electoral power in any kind of sustained fashion that would allow them to beat out the Republicans long-term for the corporate oligarch and plutocrat largesse that they crave.

  10. Phledge Says:

    Exactly this. Third party payers have a mission, which is to maximize their shareholders’ profits; they attain this mission by collecting as much premium as possible without driving away customers, and paying as little claim as possible without driving away customers. They will never cover something that is not medically necessary, and sometimes they won’t even cover something that is medically necessary. It’s repugnant but not surprising. As health care consumers, we have to stop believing that the insurance industry really has our best interests in mind.

  11. queenrandom Says:

    Because democrats and republicans are all the same thing and all gain by keeping the system like it is.

    You caught me on a cynical day, apparently.

  12. vegofish Says:

    They were to busy darting to the dark corners with the roaches as the republicans repeatedly demonstrated what a bunch of lying,hateful,controlling,unreasonable manipulative and petty sacks of shit the demoncrats are.

  13. The Enthusiasm Gap:

    Much of the reason for the Democrats’ astonishing reluctance to place blame where it belongs rests with big business’s and Wall Street’s generous flows of campaign donations to Dems, coupled with their implicit promise of high-paying jobs once Democratic officials retire from government. This is the rot at the center of the system. And unless or until it’s remedied, it will be difficult for the President to achieve any “change you can believe in.”

  14. [the demoncrats are] a bunch of lying, hateful, controlling, unreasonable manipulative and petty sacks of shit

    If that were true, you would be voting Democratic.

  15. vegofish Says:

    It is true, which is why nobody will be voting for them in November. A return to conservative principals is the only thing that can save the republic. The socialist world is unsustainable and collapsing under the weight of entitlements. America can stand tall and shine as the lightship of the potential for prosperity from meager beginnings only as a republic based on conservative principals. The path of socialism leads to sameness, stifles human potential, destroys initiative and diminishes the overall health of mankind.

  16. The problem, vego, is that you’ve clearly shown yourself completely impervious and uninterested in reason, logic, evidence, and rational argument. You have received The Word of God and no further information or examination is necessary or relevant. You are determined not only to hold your jackassed opinions, but to push them on the rest of us without regard to even the slightest attempt at rational consideration.

    Can you give us a reason for us not to consider you a potential violent threat to our well-being, temporarily restrained only by your present impotence and marginalization?

  17. I-131 Says:

    Because, you fool, the majority of the Americans actually don’t want this health care scam.

  18. vegofish Says:

    I am absolutely a violent threat. I despise the arrogant, elitist scum that post here. I would happily choke you until the life left your soulless carcass. If we were to share the same room in a physical sense you would and should be fearful of your well being. You are the enemy, a threat to the well being and happiness of myself and my children and grand children. Your danger is in your self righteous ignorance. Should we have the misfortune to continue farther along the path of the statist progressive oppression, then I for one will welcome whatever necessities may be required to remove the tyrannical elitists from power.

    You claim that I am uninterested in reason or logic, yet you are the one that refuses to acknowledge the documented failures of your ideology. You claim that I am the one who wishes push my opinions on others while in fact it is your ideology and the leaders that you support that wish to push their thoughts and programs upon the rest of us, actually must push them on us, “for our own good” in your not so humble opinion, no doubt.
    God has no place in this discussion, yet you, not I, have asserted that my thoughts and opinions are predicated on “the word of God”. My only commentary in regard to God on this blog has been to say that I am not a religious man. Of course you ignore this because then I would not fit into your skewed view of people that disagree with you. If I disagree then I must be a far right religious extremist, right? No reasonable person could possibly disagree with your oh so completely perfect line of reasoning, only religious nutcases could possibly not see the righteousness of your reasoning. I am not the one pushing anything on anyone. I wish only to be left alone to live my life how I choose, not how some elitist bureaucrat chooses. That freedom is important enough to me to defend it with my life, or yours. So yes, my progressive enemy, feel the threat, it is real.

  19. Nice to know where you stand, vego. Remember, not all of us lefties are pacifists.

  20. In addition to being a sick fuck who deserves to be prison and a caricature of unintentional irony, you are entirely deficient in your ability to understand metaphor.

  21. Katharine Says:

    The comments post only really serves to say how deranged conservatives are. (Vegofish is a secular conservative! Oh! So he has no explainable REASON for his insanity, he’s just a sick fuck! Hilarious.)

    Really, I think the actual answer to this is somewhere around ‘most humans are wusses and morons’.

    Seriously. Half the population has an IQ under 100.

  22. vegofish Says:

    Fortunately, for that half of the population that you refer to, there is always a government job or maybe a tenured position at one of the institutions of higher re-education.

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