On A Happier Note

February 27, 2010


9 Responses to “On A Happier Note”

  1. leigh Says:

    do you put out stuff for the winter birds to eat?

  2. jc Says:

    Do not feed to PhysioCat.

  3. Spiny Norman Says:

    Motherfucking cardinals rule. They can be counted among the a *very* small number of things that I miss about living east of the Mississippi.

  4. bikemonkey Says:

    Who is PhysioCat doing recipe war against? UncertainDog?

  5. jc Says:


  6. Civilion Says:

    Bucky “Monkey Eating” Katt


  7. Zuska Says:

    Aww. I have a big huge feeder site in my backyard – two different seed containers, a two-sided suet feeder, and a bag for nyjer seed. I also have a little wire mesh platform for ground feeding birds though mostly the squirrels get to it…though it is great in a bit warmer weather for putting out rehydrated worms for the birdies. I never get tired of watching the birds at the feeding zone. And the cardinals are so stunning.

  8. LadyDay Says:

    Oh, sure. Put up a picture of the male and not the female. : )

  9. BB Says:

    Awesome shot!!

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