One of our commenters suggests the following strategy for getting what you want from an administrative bureaucrat:

I take a deep breath just before entering their office. [Then I look] them in the eye and say[] “look here you fuck, I need X, Y and Z. And you are wasting my fucking time with all this fucking bullshit. So what you are going to do, is get on that fucking computer of yours and type what ever the fuck it is you type in order to make it happen. Capice?”

Well, that is a close enough paraphrase!


Mike The Mad Fucking Biologist has an interesting post up today about defaulting, or threatening to default, on mortgages.

Corporations default on secured loans every fucking day simply as a business judgment, and no one says jack fuck about it being some sort of “moral failure”. And they threaten to default to renegotiate eleventeen fuckjillion times a day. Moralizing about home-owners defaulting on mortgages or threatening to default is nothing but corporate plutocrat propaganda.


But did they really have to stick one of those douchebag bluetooth doohickeys in her ear? I mean, seriously, is there a single person on the entire face of the earth walking around with one of those things in their ear that is *not* a complete utter douche?

(h/t my favorite computer engineer!)

I always remind myself of these things just before any meeting with a person in an administrative role who has the power to make a decision that I want to turn out a specific way:

(1) The administrator has goals that, at most, only partially overlap with my own, and are likely to be totally different.

(2) The administrator does not care at all about how badly I “want”, “need”, or “deserve” to have the decision be made in the way that I want.

(3) The administrator cares only about making the decision in the way that she perceives as best furthering *her* goals.

(4) My job is to make the best possible case that making the decision in the way that *I* want is the way that will best further *her* goals.

(5) I must do my homework pre-meeting to try to figure out as best that I can what the administrator’s goals are.


February 10, 2010

Do delusional right-wing fuck-ups like this cockbag calling himeslf “Vegofish” have the faintest fucking clue what they are talking about when they regurgitate the “Statist” claim they hear emanating from their sick-fuck right-wing propaganda outlets?

Who Dat?!

February 7, 2010

It’s motherfucking party time in New Orleans tonight!

1000 Motherfucking People?

February 6, 2010

Less than 1000 fucking people are attending this right-wing fuck-up confab tea party convention, and this is the biggest fucking political news since infinity????? What fucking planet are we on, cause it ain’t planet Earth?