Jeezus Fuck, Holmes

March 5, 2010

Jake Delhomme oughta sack the fucking fuck up and lay off the weeping willow shit. He’s got bajillions of fucking dollars in the bank, and is gonna be one of the hottest free agents out there, in a no-salary-cap year.


5 Responses to “Jeezus Fuck, Holmes”

  1. smmo Says:

    Aw, I always kind of liked Delhomme. It seems appropriate to express some emotion when you get fired, he isn’t asking for sympathy, exactly, is he? They all have bajillions of dollars, so that part is apples to apples.

    The no-cap year scares the shit out of me. It seems like an excellent opportunity for the large market teams to consolidate their wealth and scoop up all the talent, leading to 25 years of Patriots/Cowboys/Jets/Giants domination. “Mr. Kraft” and Jerry are rubbing their evil hands together in glee right this very moment, ready to dance on parity’s grave. Gruesome. /bittersmallmarketteamfan

  2. —“and is gonna be one of the hottest free agents out there”—

    Dude, put down the fucking crack pipe.
    Delhomme is a decent QB who may yet do well but, after the nervous breakdown he has had over the past one-point-change seasons if you think he is gonna be one of the hottest free agents out there, you must think that people generally hope to meet syphilitic lepers when they go out on blind dates. ‘Cos I think that’s what the prospect of him looks like to this copycat league.
    Al Davis excluded, of course. And strangely, Delhomme could take the Raiders to the playoffs next year if he gets his head back and if given the chance…….anyway….I think I’m gonna go get a fucking drink. I just realized I’m gonna have to live through a shitload of goddamn fucking baseball before football gets here again. At least I can catch up on sleep, I guess.

  3. As a Panthers fan, he got us to a Super Bowl, he also got us a lifetime supply of Rolaids after throwing so many picks in a playoff game. I just hope they get a veteran to back up Matt Moore. But screw football, Opening Day is almost upon us and I cannot be more excited.

  4. Delhomme is damaged goods. It’s not his body that is damaged, it’s his head. After that playoff debacle (5 interceptions) a couple years back against Arizona, he hasn’t been the same since.

  5. Yeah we have already had one mentally damaged QB, ala Kerry Collins and his glass jaw.

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