March 21, 2010

Watching the House on C-SPAN. Here are a few preliminary thoughts:

(1) I was laughing my fucking ass off when they all turned and faced the flag and recited the pledge of allegiance. What is this, fucking grade school?

(2) The Republicans really are total raving fucking maniacs (and shitty actors). Passing this bill is tyranny?? Really??

(3) Who the fuck is Clarence D. Lumpkin, and why the fuck is a post office being named after him?

(4) That was pretty fucking hilarious when some douchebag Republican scuzbucket from Jersey raised some parliamentary question about why the acting speaker wouldn’t grant him ten minutes to “speak to the american people” instead of five minutes, and the acting speaker told him to fuck off.

UPDATE: Whoever is the acting speaker right now (3:20PM D.C. time) is a badass. Oh, they just displayed that it’s Jesse Jackson, Jr. He is a stern motherfucker. And things are getting very heated. Issa is a smarmy dude.

UPDATE 2: Half of these fucking republican douchebags look and sound like they’ve been on three-day booze benders.

UPDATE 3: Heed the gavel, motherfuckers!


8 Responses to “C-SPAN”

  1. Katharine Says:

    That’s conservatism. Childish-sounding, non-nuanced nationalism hyperpatriotism.

  2. Katharine Says:

    I really fucked up the HTML on that one . Can you cross out the ‘nationalism’?

  3. History Punk Says:

    “(1) I was laughing my fucking ass off when they all turned and faced the flag and recited the pledge of allegiance. What is this, fucking grade school?”

    You laugh, but I was called out for not doing the Pledge when I was waiting to be interviewed at a local high school for a position. Never mind that I had actually served in the military and had stood at attention during the Pledge. Never mind that I am looking at a third surgery to repair damage wrought during my time in the military. Clearly, to quote the woman, I was “ungrateful,” among other things.

  4. CFS Says:

    Actually a three-day booze bender would have helped me watch the damn mess!

  5. Dr. O Says:

    Don’t you just love how the Republicans are talking as if the Democrats are about to drop an H bomb…I just heard one woman talk about children playing in the yard right now, with no idea what was about to happen.

    I also really enjoyed hearing John Boehner yell “Hell no!” repeatedly – planning on a run for president anytime soon?

  6. El Picador Says:

    Boehner is running for Top Motherfucking Douchigarchian!

  7. Spiny Norman Says:

    Huh-huh. You said “John Boehner.”

  8. Katharine Says:

    I don’t think John “Hell No” Boehner’s run for president is going to be affected by his stupidity. His voters are stupid.

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