Good For MoDo

March 28, 2010

I am no fan of Maureen Dowd, but kudos for her recent column on the nauseating moral rot at the core of the Catholic church:

If the church could throw open its stained glass windows and let in some air, invite women to be priests, nuns to be more emancipated and priests to marry, if it could banish criminal priests and end the sordid culture of men protecting men who attack children, it might survive. It could be an encouraging sign of humility and repentance, a surrender of arrogance, both moving and meaningful.

* * *

Decade after decade, the church hid its sordid crimes, enabling the collared perpetrators instead of letting the police collar them. In the case of the infamous German priest, one diocese official hinted that his problem could be fixed by transferring him to teach at a girls’ school. Either they figured that he would not be tempted by the female sex, or worse, the church was even less concerned about putting little girls at risk.

I have no idea whether Dowd said jack fuck about any of this heinous shit over the years, and is only now saying too little, too late. But at least she is saying it. And yeah, it would have also been nice if she had emphasized how grotesquely pathological it is that these child-molesting monsters are actually granted a privileged position of moral gravitas in the United States political arena, instead of derided as the sick fucks that they are.

2 Responses to “Good For MoDo”

  1. physiobabe Says:

    I haven’t been able to stomach MoDo for the longest time. But, then I happened upon her column today, and I must admit, I’m a fan again.

  2. rehctaw Says:

    As you say, too little too late. Also, way too pearl clutchingingly MoDo to dent the self-centered universe she perpetuates as gainful employment.

    So she stated AN obvious. She still ignores the rest.

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