Fuck Flavored Coffee

April 7, 2010

The other day I was on line in Starbucks and this motherfucker in front of me goes, “I’ll have a grandee coffee, and put three squirts of one of those flavored syrups in it; I don’t care which one.” I nearly fucking puked right there on the fucking counter.


12 Responses to “Fuck Flavored Coffee”

  1. Odyssey Says:

    Better to have puked on the MF. It’s not like he would have cared what flavor it was…

  2. Arlenna Says:

    three squirts? barforama indeed. Might as well just drink that shit neat in that case.

  3. Phledge Says:

    Well, but was it the sugar-free shit?

  4. Dr Becca Says:

    Flavored coffee is disgusting and evil, but even so I would have had more respect for the guy if he’d at least picked a flavor. Who the hell doesn’t care about what the things they eat and drink taste like? I used to tend bar, and people who ordered “a beer” without specifying bugged the shit out of me. If I were that barista, I’d have put in mint or raspberry, just to teach him a lesson.

    PS Yankees just tied it up, W00T!!!!

  5. antipodean Says:

    You’ve got to put something in that shit so you can’t taste it

  6. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    bah, pass on regular starbucks coffee. give me a girly drink anytime!

  7. Physiobabe Says:

    Starbucks is so completely over-rated.

  8. Interrobang Says:

    I read the title and wondered what a fuck tastes like. I think it’s fucking late here in fucking Whitebreadville.

  9. I like flavored coffee- this morning I’m enjoying hazelnut. But there’s no fucking way I’d subject myself to 3 squirts.

  10. What the fuck were you doing at Starbucks?

  11. […] ran non-flavored coffee through the flavor grinder at Root Cafe.  German chocolate cake aftertaste fucked up my life for a solid afternoon.  (Root Cafe is cool though…don’t wanna imply […]

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