April 9, 2010

Micro Dr. O has been wringing her hands about documenting a series of failed subcloning strategies in her lab notebook.

Spending time writing up a bunch of failed subcloning shit is ridiculous. Why even “write up” successful subcloning shit? So long as you have fully documented the resulting clone, who gives a crap how you got there?


6 Responses to “Subcloning”

  1. Dr. Zeek Says:

    Makes it easier (writing up the correct protocol) for the douche bag who picks up the project after you if, say for a purely hypothetical example, he uses up the stock of stable, beautiful sub cloned plasmid without thinking of generating/mini-prepping a new batch and you have long left the lab. Not that I have had that happened before . But then again, if the guy is dumb enough to that, maybe he deserves to go through the pain of trial-and-error to get the sub cloning to work?

    Although, I have to admit, I am somewhat overly anal about writing up things in the lab notebook only because I have 8 things going at once and I don’t want to repeat things that haven’t worked before.

  2. I disagree with you pp!! Future students need to know what worked and didn’t work if they need to repeat stuff, trying to subclone a similar construct. I dint need to be reinventing the wheel everytime. More info the better!

  3. queenrandom Says:

    The person who has to repeat your work -or your technique- cares, especially if the cloning was difficult. Some vectors, gene regions (hello high structure), or enzymes don’t behave under certain conditions, and I’ve had more help from knowing which ones don’t (or do) work in given situations than if I had to start from scratch. If taking the 10 minutes to document a failed experiment saves myself or someone else a day of digests and an overnight plate incubation (and possibly minipreps and diagnostic digests), then it’s totally worth it.

  4. Phledge Says:

    CPP is an excellent chain-yanker. That’s my vote.

  5. BB Says:

    Why write it up?
    Cuz you drink a shot of Jameson’s afterwards.

  6. Batocchio Says:

    Better yet, why not get the clone to write it up for you?

    Sheesh. Some mad scientists just don’t think things through…

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