Shut The Fuck Up Already

April 25, 2010

Jon Miller, you suck smelly shit. Speak like a normal human being, you fucking pompous drivelling douchebag. Bloviating dramatically doesn’t impress anyone. It just makes people hate your fucking guts.

12 Responses to “Shut The Fuck Up Already”

  1. Katharine Says:

    Give us some context, Physioprof.

  2. ginger Says:

    So you’re not happy about the Hall of Fame induction, then?

  3. aidel Says:

    I have no idea who John Miller is, but I’ll take this opportunity to comment on an unrelated topic. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN ARIZONA????? It is now ILLEGAL for certain people to EXIST in the state of Arizona?? I am worried/pissed/shocked/terrified that this can be allowed to happen in this country, in the year 2010. It is time to wake up and admit that the right-wing ingrown scrotum-hair pustules are DANGEROUS. They are terrorists, they are loud, and they are influential. And what do the rest of us (anyone with a modicum or rationality) do? Not a fucking thing. Sit back, let it happen.

    Do you know what this will do to a community? Sick people (think HIV, TB, Hep C) will not seek treatment. Well people will not seek pre-natal care, vaccinate their children or send them to school. Ultimately, this will result in the ENSLAVEMENT of undocumented Hispanics (nobody gives a shit about undocumented Eastern Europeans or other white people) because people will be forced to trade their freedom to the propertied white in exchange for a safe place to live. Naturally, this protection will be exchanged for free labor. That is slavery. Already we have a huge number of incarcerated African Americans doing slave labor in prison. Now we’re going to ‘open the market’ to the propertied white folks.

    People who come to this country in search of a better life are not criminals. They are brave Americans. I’m obviously not a fucking lawyer but what is happening in Arizona cannot possibly be constitutional, can it? Is it??

    And why? Because some white folks with corn-cobs three feet up their asses feel uncomfortable at the sight of a few brown people gathering on the street (in community!) and playing music. Please tell me this isn’t real.

    I know, I know…get my own fucking blog.

  4. Katharine Says:

    aidel, most people are fucking stupid. Repeat this as a mantra and you will feel calmer.

    Arizona’s legislature appears to be chock-full of recessive alleles. That Arpaio moron appears to have a giant amount of them.

    Shit, most of this country is a bunch of walking deleterious homozygous recessive loci.

  5. Aidel,
    Welcome to the new Republican utopia where they are against socialism but will happily hand over public money by the trillion to corporations and bankers….where they send your children to die in wars to preserve ‘your freedoms and liberties’ so that they can randomly stop you ask for your documentation on the street, comrade…..
    To quote the Beatles….
    ….You don’t know how lucky you are, boy
    Back in the US
    Back in the US
    Back in the USSR……

  6. SLC Says:

    Re aidel

    Jon Miller is a play by play radio broadcaster of baseball games who at one time was employed by the Baltimore Orioles but has since moved on to the San Francisco Giants. Contrary to Dr. Physioprofs’ diatribe, Mr. Miller is considered the best baseball radio play by play announcer in the business. He is also a skilled mimic whose impersonation of former Los Angeles Dodger play by play announcer Vin Scully, who in his prime was considered the best play by play announcer in the business, is considered classic. As a former Dodger fan who has listened to Mr. Scully numerous times, it is almost impossible to tell that it is not him one is hearing.

  7. SLC Says:

    Correction, Vin Scully is still broadcasting games for the LA Dodgers at age 83.

  8. aidel Says:

    Thanks for the 411 SLC. Too bad I don’t give a shit just like you don’t give a shit about what’s happening in Arizona. In any case, in matters of taste and judgment, I’m inclined to trust CPP.

  9. ginger Says:

    Aidel, why are you assuming that SLC doesn’t give a shit about Arizona? It’s a thread about Jon Miller, so s/he talked about Jon Miller.

    I think that there will be much discussion of AZ SB1070 around here once the big American Physiology Society Experimental Biology conference is over.

  10. SLC Says:

    Re aidel

    Mr. aidel is a poopyhead.

  11. aidel Says:

    That I am and so much more. But I have a really fabulous pussy who loves to be acknowledged (worshiped, even) in gender-specific ways, so if you wouldn’t mind, that’s MS aidel.

  12. physiobabe Says:

    Excellent comeback, Ms. Aidel! I needed a smile today.

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