Fuck You, Twitdouches

April 28, 2010

BioE has discovered a new proposed “public art installation” for Cambridge, MA:

An urban art installation proposal by Nick Rodrigues would install sculpted pigeons in Cambridge, MA, each equipped with a “pico projector” that would project a live Tweet stream.

These tweetfucks aren’t fucking satisfied with smugly polluting the entire motherfucking Internet with their gibbering inane drivel? Now they need to pollute real live public spaces? Fuck twitter and fuck all the twitbags and their stupid motherfucking tweets.

And fuck you Cambridge if you allow this asshole to interfere with the serenity and well-being of your citizens.

10 Responses to “Fuck You, Twitdouches”

  1. Pigeons are useless, esp. ones that motherfucking tweet.

  2. bikemonkey Says:

    have another MFJ bitterman.

  3. ginger Says:

    Aw, damn, on first reading I missed that it was FAKE pigeons. I was all ready to sit back and watch the animal rights people lose their shit about bioimplants and thought-broadcasting pigeons.

  4. veganrampage Says:

    What’s with all the pigeon hatred? I don’t recall pigeons enacting genocide or any such things and –

    “Birds were used extensively during World War I. One homing pigeon, Cher Ami, was awarded the French Croix de guerre for his heroic service in delivering 12 important messages, despite having been very badly injured. During World War II, the Irish Paddy and the American G.I. Joe both received the Dickin Medal, and were among 32 pigeons to receive this medallion, for their gallantry and bravery in saving human lives with their actions. Eighty-two homing pigeons were dropped into Holland with the First Airborne Division Signals as part of Operation Market Garden in World War II. The pigeons’ loft was located in London which would have required them to fly 240 miles to deliver their messages.[15] Also in World War II, hundreds of homing pigeons with the Confidential Pigeon Service were airdropped into northwest Europe to serve as intelligence vectors for local resistance agents. Birds played a vital part in the Invasion of Normandy as radios could not be used for fear of vital information being intercepted by the enemy.”

    Yeah, we dumb fuck animal rights people are so stupid. We can’t undertsand why shooting sheep with meth, to then TAZ them is funny.(I read some knee slapping comments on a few “science” blogs.)

    Or why experimenting on animals for “New and Improved” branding purposes on shampoo and mascara is needed. Or forcing beagles to smoke cocaine and cigarettes , at great tax payer expense is necessary. I sure am one dumb fucking asshole.

    I pretty much know coke sucks for my health as does the evil weed, and that was funded by the FDA a few years ago. The FDA who approves every fucked up kill you pill Big Pharma asks it to.

    So, yeah Twitter sucks, and this idea sucks, and Cambridge probably should go fuck itself along with a whole truckload of other fuck douche twits who think they that being homosapien is the greatest show on earth.

    Not from where I sit it ain’t.

  5. Sxydocma1 Says:

    Pigeons are like flying rats.
    And, Cambridge is a fucking hole.

  6. Katharine Says:

    STFU, self-righteous vegan shitbag who knows nothing about animal research.

    (The sheep were anesthetized, idiot.)

    (Bet you think vaccines cause autism, too.)

  7. Why all the hate, Brother? Turns out that you are incredibly popular on Twitter. Hell, you even have 69 followers and are on 5 lists with just with one single tweet. Impressive. I think everyone wants to be there just in case you start using Twitter.

    Oh, and WTF veganrampage?


  8. skeptifem Says:

    I think thats the point, dude. Pigeons are commonly considered an annoying nuisance, and so are tweets. They were truly meant to be.

  9. veganrampage Says:

    I may not know much, being a self-righteous shitbag and all, but Isis the Scientist does. She wrote a post on her blog explaining in great detail that the scientists anesthetized the sheep incorrectly.

    Thanks for the compliments though. You sound pretty self righteous yourself.

    As for what causes autism I am afraid I cannot supply you with a definitive answer. I do know that Dr. Maurice Hilleman, Merck vaccine chief for years, did call vaccines the “bargain basement of western medicine” and that the African Green monkeys Merck imported to the US brought AIDS into this country. The video is on You-Tube.

    Please help yourself.

    Curious that this culture seems to deem fit a virtual slaughter or attack in writing if someone’s world view differs from theirs. If we met in person would feel it necessary to kill me as well for having a different POV?

  10. veganrampage Says:

    WTF what? Can you not see to whom I was responding? It was not you, as you had not yet written. So, again, I ask WTF what?

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