May 13, 2010

Those neo-Confederate Republican bags of fuck are going to have their convention in motherfucking Tampa in motherfucking August.


7 Responses to “Hilariousity”

  1. PalMD Says:

    No one said they was smart.

  2. jim Says:

    The four o’clock thunderstorm will be over by the time TV coverage starts.

  3. Katharine Says:

    It’s going to be a big hyperthermic orgy.

  4. wondering Says:

    closer access to the rentboys?

  5. skeptifem Says:

    They are using as much air conditioning as possible as a big “fuck you” to environmentalists concerned about global warming.

  6. Avattoir Says:

    This is actually deadly serious. The Republican party is over-represented in senior age groups, most of whom will not have had time to acquire the local knowledge necessary to alleviate the typically extreme weather conditions. Also older Republicans in particular are over-represented among our nation’s obese. These risks will be significantly exacerbated by any manner of exertion and stress, subjectively good or bad, such as extended cheering, clapping and standing, and exaggerated immediate emotional responses which the politically-active experience on receiving objectively meaningless news, and rumors even more so. Each and every commute between the high level of indoor air-conditioning generally associated with off-setting the severe outdoor heat, and that outdoor heat, threatens to present very like a ongoing automated lottery game of Russian roulette at the front entrances to the convention center and the hotels where the delegates and workers will be staying. In all, a truly gruesome spectacle in an undertaking intended to express dedicated fervent patriotism and aimed at achieving a lasting impact on the body politic.

    Anyone know if there’ll be cover-age beyond FoxNews? Oh and another thing: popcorn.

  7. LadyDay Says:

    How much you wanna bet Sarah Palin gets caught in a bikini trying to spear dolphins from a boat, and the picture gets plastered all over the news.

    Also, I bet Rush Limbaugh wears a speedo.


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