WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Facebook Is A Big Meanie!!!!

May 15, 2010

Fuck facebook. I would sooner drive a nail through my dick than diddle around with that shit. And all you bags of fuck who are whining and crying about how facebook is totally mean and evil because they are totes violating your privacy, go fuck yourselves.

You were fucking stupid enough to rush like motherfucking lemmings to give all kinds of private information to this motherfucking massive corporation so that they could use it to sell you a bunch of useless fucking crap sold by other massive corporations. Quit your fucking whining and grow the motherfuck up. You want a fucking “friend”, get a fucking dog.


22 Responses to “WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Facebook Is A Big Meanie!!!!”

  1. Not a fan of sonogram profile pictures, I take it?

  2. If you are alluding to people posting their pregnancy sonograms on their facebook pages, I sure as fuck wouldn’t know anything about that, because, as I said, I’d sooner hammer a nail through my fucking dick than look at anyone’s facebook page and the inane “private” garbage they post on it.

  3. BikeMonkey Says:

    Ok, ok, I’ll friend you dude, sheesh. Then you won’t have to be so bitter…

  4. skeptifem Says:

    Facebook has made public access to private information easier for anyone, including access by companies (looking to hire or fire people), colleges, and even people who are just out for vengence. I don’t know why anyone who values their privacy would broadcast their daily happenings under their real names anyway.

  5. You are old and cranky.

  6. veganrampage Says:

    Always give ’em phake phoney info,all sites, all surveys, and even when getting paid $50.00. I lie like a MF rug just to scramble their corporate personhood brains. Advertising is the root of all E-Ville. So, yeah,yeah,yeah fuck face book.

  7. stickypaws Says:

    Get Offa My Lawn!

    (actually, I don’t Facebook either)

  8. Hell yes!! I also hate Facebook. Most of the people I know who use Facebook are nosy, needy children. But hey, I’m in academia so the socialization skill set is limited in this crew.

  9. Drenched Says:

    If we always had a choice in the matter, that would be an entirely different thing. But facebook can extract information about us which was uploaded by other people, and we have no real method to circumvent or prevent this

  10. Anonymous Says:

    LOL. “Drive a nail through my dick…” Fine line between pain and pleasure.

  11. Nearly Says:

    Why can’t I find the “share this on Facebook” button for this post?

  12. I never did understood why anyone would bother to worry about privacy on Facebook anyway. If you’ve put something on the friggin’ internet, it ain’t private. If you want something to stay private, don’t put it on the friggin’ internet.

  13. Isabel Says:

    I recently had a real shock related to what Drenched says above: I set up a facebook page to share photos with a few friends and family members who use it (and it has worked out great for that). I am a private person and thought I was prepared for the experience, having read up on privacy settings etc.

    After going to their site and clicking to set up an account, I was asked to enter my name and email for verification purposes. I wasn’t surprised at this, and used my real name and a personal email through my local ISP. Next I was taken to “Step #2” of a supposed 5-step set-up process, which was deciding which of the following people I would like to be friends with, followed by page after page of names and smiling pictures of various people I have known, loved, admired, tolerated, hated, and steadfastly avoided over the years; including my o-chem lab partner, random relatives & childhood friends, a biologist at my local nature preserve, another childhood friend’s son, my dentist’s receptionist, and someone I think I shared a cab with once.

    I certainly had not expected that to happen, and felt stunned and confused and totally violated. I think having it happen before even setting up the profile was done to add to the shock and awe. I eventually figured out that the weird sample of people represented people who had that email address in their address books, which they had all subsequently uploaded to facebook, something facebook tries to get you to do constantly. So the moral is get a new email account first. But it’s too late for me, they know who I am now!

  14. bikemonkey Says:

    “private people” don’t get in fights on teh Intertoobz on a daily basis. Just sayin’

  15. bikemonkey Says:

    ..(but you should friend PP, Isabel, I think he’s feeling neglected on Facebook or something)

  16. Isabel Says:

    Daily? fights? Where?

    Anyway, that’s Isabel’s world, not mine!

  17. Yeah, lots of uneducated, low-class, uncool, proletarian riff-raff on Facebook, that’s for sure. It’s most assuredly no place for an important professor like yourself. I mean, the very idea that you might have to MIX WITH THE MASSES and might accidentally see one of their KIDS PICTURES!!?!!?! OMG!!!!!

    Certainly, I can’t even imagine such a thing.

  18. Arikia Says:

    HAHAH WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. ExMo Says:

    Delurking just to say that, in a cruel (but hilarious?) twist of irony, I posted this to Facebook and then clicked “Like.”

  20. bikelib Says:

    I’m with you, PP. Fuck Facefuck, I mean Facebook. These assholes have taken the word “friend” into a dark alley and beaten it within an inch of it’s fucking life.

  21. Zachary Says:

    SHUT THE HELL UP YOU FUCKING DOUCHE BAG!!! Facebook may have caused controversy and been criticized in the past but is it banned?, no, why?, cos its to socialize and hang out with friends either far away or in another country also, cut down on your swearing, you overeating angry tantruming teen, its bad enough your followers still haven’t grasped the actual concept and goal of Facebook

  22. an Says:

    Actually, it’s kinda useful…

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