Jeezus Pigs

May 24, 2010

Jeezus pigs have absolutely no conscience whatsoever. Lying for jeezus is a positive moral good in their sick twisted hateful world. This is why these despicable bags of fuck can literally have some poor fucking gay kid sucking their dicks under the desk for pennies while they are on the speaker phone intelligently and effectively mobilizing to destroy gays’ civil rights.

51 Responses to “Jeezus Pigs”

  1. skeptifem Says:

    This blog is full of pig hate. I do not approve!

  2. Isabel Says:

    Nails/skeptifem! Here you are. (everyone else, my sincere apologies) I answered your question on IBTP but was not posted. Then I tried to leave it on your blog, but I didn’t have an account, so I am replying here. “pigs” is kind of appropriate, so it’s not totally off-topic.

    From your blog:
    “I cannot police anything outside of the comments on my own blog. Policing requires some kind of authority, and I don’t really have any when it comes to sexism”

    Hahahaha. Spoken like a true McCartheyesque KGB-style internet spy and tattle-tale.

    And by being such a little twit, along with rich white male internet cop CPP, you got me banned by the rich radical feminist blog owner over there, who, like you, will not tolerate any real discussion of class on her blog (it might detract from the stories about her enviable life on her sprawling Texas ranch which give the blog its charming ambiance).

    So, apparently, if she gets a report from Nails/skeptifem that someone made anti-classist statements on a thread ON A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BLOG, and therefore must be a racist and “might try to pull the same shit on IBTP”, her procedure is to tell that person, who is meanwhile contributing occasionally to the discussion and in general minding her own business, to “look in the mirror and if your skin is white, cop to it.” And if they don’t agree to follow these instructions she refuses to let them defend themselves and bans them completely from all further discussions on her blog. Nice! Radical feminism? I don’t think so.

    I can’t be the only one around here who thinks this is all a tad Orwellian?? I mean one minute I’m discussing feminists’ successful 1970s protests at the Whitney Biennial and Isaac Newton’s childhood (when I’m speaking at all), and the next minute I’m surrounding by internet cops and being dragged out by my collar for “making allegedly racist remarks on such-and-such date at such-and-such time” and in spite of my protests, which are denounced as boring and whining.

    Nails, I don’t buy your recent excuse that you just posted the link and started all this to protect the discussion over there blah blah. That part of the discussion was over; several people, including Jill, had said they understood what I was saying and we all had moved on to other topics. You just couldn’t resist the urge to be an internet cop and butt in.

    In any event, this is why we need proportional representation of the socioeconomic classes in all our progressive activist endeavors. Now THAT would be radical.

  3. Isabel Says:

    Ha? Ha?? That’s it?

  4. BikeMonkey Says:

    What’s the “Whitey Biennial”? That sounds interesting.

  5. Katharine Says:

    I clearly missed something on this post’s comments.

    Although I do agree with CPP’s post in that if one does a fairly careful analysis of the various texts associated with Christianity, it pretty much shows itself to be insane.

    Now there are people like Isis and my mother who are religious but not TOTALLY FUCKING BATSHIT, but they appear to be in the minority, and at least from what I’ve gathered from living around the latter for two decades, there’s a considerable amount of weird mental and emotional gymnastics and cultural crud involved in what they do. Heck, my mother works with a guy who’s a fellow atheist and thinks, as I do, that religion is totally fucking insane, but occasionally goes to Christian services for cultural reasons because he’s Boriqueno.

  6. Isabel Says:

    Maybe I should try playing internet cop.

    Hey, Everyone!

    There’s a lot of mansplaining going on over at Jonah’s place on the Pixar thread.


    Some dude (seems to be a Pixar employee or other insider) is trying to tell me that the fact that their first twelve films were directed by males and all had male protagonists is not any indication of sexism. He first dismisses my concerns as a tired cliche “Ah, the old ‘sexism’ charge”

    He then kindly manplains to me that now the equipment is easier to use, and that’s what has been holding women back, so the problem will be soon solved. And as soon as experienced women come down the pipeline interesting female characters will undoubtedly follow. So everything is cool! he even links to an upbeat style industry blogpost.

    As proof of this their next film, the first directed by a woman, has a female protagonist (apparently, for as yet unmansplained reasons, the director and the protagonist have to be the same sex). And naturally the protagonist is going to be a princess.

    The dude warns me (in a tone more appropriate to use on some concerned fan than a veteran of the business) if I want to know WHY she “chose” to make a film about a princess I will have to wait for the interviews. She is a very qualified woman, (he gives her CV crap here) and she will surely explain her motivations at that time so I should wait to pass judgment on the princess theme.

    The asshole also suggests I am “projecting my own experiences” onto the photographs (lack of women etc) in Jonah’s linked Wired article. If you look really hard there are actually lots of women in the pictures!

  7. Yeah, but are the dudes who made the movies from white, poor backgrounds? If so, totally doesn’t count.

  8. Isabel Says:

    That makes no sense, Isis. Doesn’t count as what?

  9. As d00ds. They don’t count as d00ds if they grew up as poor white folk.

  10. Isabel Says:

    You are intentionally being an ass here, Isis. What is your point? If we consider class as a major undeserved privilege, we must eliminate one of the other big two?

    Why does it upset you so much that I speak up for lower class white people occasionally? Why do yo feel the need to keep making jokes about it/them?

  11. Hey, I’m not making jokes. I’m just saying that perhaps you’re assuming a lot about these guys. Why does it upset you that I stick up for these guys? Maybe they grew up poor.

  12. ginger Says:

    Isabel, oh my GOD. Chasing people around everywhere they comment so you can continue fights that got you banned elsewhere makes you look completely insane. That is what getting your own blog is for – so you can present your side of things whenever you want.

  13. Isabel Says:

    “Hey, I’m not making jokes.”

    Oooookay back to lying. The rest of your comment is non-sensical.

    And I am sorry you cannot handle three variables.

    Actually, I was thinking about this, and separating out class does reduce the traditional liberal progressive view (generally expressed by members of the upper middle class in other words) of “white” privilege. Many of the supposedly “white” privileges turn out to be “class” privileges when you “unpack the knapsack”.

    ALL groups of people who think they are better than OTHER groups of less advantaged people are fucking assholes.

    Ginger, whining about someone else doing something which has no affect on you whatsoever makes you look like a busybody with no life. What difference does it make where I post things? And why would anybody care what YOU think?

  14. Isabel Says:

    “What’s the “Whitey Biennial”? That sounds interesting.”

    It’s an international show of the best current art held every two years, BikeMoney. Actually there are numerous biennials. The Witney Musem in New York holds a major one, and in 1970 there were NO women artists planned for the show.

    When the feminists I was discussing on IBTP heard that, they sent out fake PR announcements that 50% of the artists would be women. They also staged a lot of crazy protests, and actually got some women included in that years show.

    The exciting news is that although there have been some ups and downs, the 2010 Witney Biennial is over 50% women!! Go women artists!

    And take that Pixar. The animation industry is obviously very backward.

  15. Isabel Says:

    I mean BikeMONKEY:)

  16. BikeMonkey Says:

    ALL groups of people who think they are better than OTHER groups of less advantaged people are fucking assholes.

    Which makes it pretty much the entire human population and therefore unworthy of comment.

  17. Isabel Says:

    I Don’t understand what you are saying, BikeMonkey. Are you saying my comment is unworthy?

    I do think it is a common quality of the entire human race.

    And as someone at Zuska’s or Isis’ just commented quite eloquently, thinking another group is smelly and dirty is a common quality not of white people but of Upper Class people in their opinions of the Lower Classes (“the great unwashed”) THE WORLD OVER.

    But because Isis has not unpacked this class privilege she uses what looks to be a LOWER middle class white family (fat etc) to illustrate the tendency.

    Which is a perfect example of what I keep saying – that “racism” is often just classism, but by calling it racism the door is open to blame it on the lower classes of whites.

  18. I used a fat family? I hate fat people now too?
    I just googled “People at the zoo.”

    I’m also not sure how you know they are lower middle class.

    Did you have a bad day and need to projedct Nutabel?

  19. ginger Says:

    “Ginger, whining about someone else doing something which has no affect on you whatsoever makes you look like a busybody with no life. What difference does it make where I post things? And why would anybody care what YOU think?”

    Well, if you represent all white people who have made a transition from working-class to white-collar by means of a science education, then I represent the great body of intermittent internet commenters. We are bored with your weird need to make every thread on every blog about feminism or diversity in science about you. We are also bored with your sidetracking every interesting comments discussion with snide but irrelevant remarks about people who like high heels.

    We think you’re a Randian lunatic. Although some of us think Whitey Biennial is a kinda cute coinage. (BikeMonkey – she was talking about the 1976 Independence Day celebrations. Which don’t exactly mark 200 years of colonial repression of North American indigenous peoples, but close enough.)

  20. Isabel Says:

    Oh was he making a whitey joke??? Fuck him then. I was trying to be polite. I’ve had it with trying to please BikeMonkey.

    And is this the royal we ginger, or are you speaking on behalf of others? Who? Do you realize how pathetically devoid of a life going on and on about me makes you seem? I am not going anywhere, so STFU.

    “every thread on every blog”

    right. every thread on every blog.

    “We are also bored with your sidetracking every interesting comments discussion with snide but irrelevant remarks about people who like high heels.”

    Right. On EVERY interesting thread, I make comments about people who like high heels. And these comments are irrelevant. I bet you couldn’t come up with one example. But you post it anyway. YOU are the weirdo in this scenario, Dearie.

    You don’t sound bored, you sound threatened.
    ps. You have obviously never even read anything I have written.

  21. ivyleaves Says:

    Most of the time, I read an Isabel post and think “WTF is she talking about?” Then it turns out it is something that happened days or weeks or months ago, usually on some other blog, where there was a disagreement.

    Her comments are off-topic, mostly centered on calling into question other peoples’ characters, sometimes on their own blogs, for which she richly deserves any bans she gets.

    Here is a handy commenting hint: None of us are the center of some stranger’s universe, so don’t embarrass yourself by acting like you are, or worse, like a stranger is the center of yours. Makes you very, very creepy.

  22. Isabel Says:

    Really? I called Twisty’s character into question? When????? Lying Isis maybe, but she popped in and started in on me with her snarky bullshit so go and blame her.

    Ivyleaves=Another mindless busybody narcissist with a fucking HUGE imagination and no sense of humor.

    Rather than be embarrassed, I think this thread is fucking hilarious. There’s little else going on around here anyway.

  23. Isabel Says:

    Isis why do you hate lower class white people so much? Is it your own background? What is your own racial and class background? Why the need to be so cagey about it? If you are a woman of color from a struggling immigrant background, as you attempt to imply, why do you have the voice (and skin tone) of an upper middle class white woman? Its very odd. Is it intentional deception or Stockholm syndrome??

  24. Isabel Says:

    “I have a theory (a hypothesis really). Anglos tend to be paler than many other folks, so maybe it seems everyone is out to get them, even the sun itself. ”

    You are a gross pig, Ice Ass.

  25. Isabel Says:

    Oh, and for the record, as of today I am a woman of color. I figure if Is-ass qualifies, so do I. After all I’m not from a middle class Anglo background either. Not that it means I am going to run around making disgusting and offensive remarks about other peoples’ skin color.

  26. Isis the Scientist Says:

    Have you decided what color you’ll be?

  27. Isabel Says:

    Yes, but like you I’m keeping it a secret. I’m simply non-white or WoC to the blogosphere.

  28. BikeMonkey Says:

    “Peach”. amirite?

  29. MonkeyPox Says:

    Which one of you fuckers is Isabel? That’s the most hilarious fucking sock I’ve ever seen.

  30. Isis the Scientist Says:

    BM, white is totally a color. Bingo!

  31. Isabel Says:

    Thanks MonkeyPox, I try.

    You really think one of these jokers could create such a hilarious sockpuppet?

  32. Isis the Scientist Says:

    Enjoy yourself, Isabel. I’m totally cool with it.

  33. Isabel Says:


  34. Isis the Scientist Says:

    No, I think it’s really great. I look forward to hearing more about how you have embraced this new identity.

  35. MonkeyPox Says:

    I wonder if declaring oneself “WoC in the blogosphere” makes one instantly sane…

  36. Isabel Says:

    It’s not a new identity. I embraced it years ago. I just had my terms mixed up, apparently.

    And I look forward to hearing about your identity, Isis. Did you know that some “Hispanics” are white? I saw it on the census form. There were two categories: white hispanics and non-white hispanics. What exactly is the difference between a white hispanic and someone from a southern european background? It’s all very mysterious, how racial identities change when someone crosses a border. I can’t keep up.

    Since you blog about “white folks” a lot, why don’t YOU define the term. I really look forward to it.

  37. MonkeyPox Says:

    Well, I for one can tell the difference between someone from a Southern European background and a white hispanic. The European isn’t sneaking across the rio grand to steal our precious bodily fluids.

  38. bikemonkey Says:

    And, thanks to El Rio Grande, they smell better. Probably. Maybe we can check with GeekMommyProf.

  39. bikemonkey Says:

    Oh and Isabel, you do know that Scotchirelandia isn’t in southern Europe, right?

  40. Isabel Says:

    That’s not my background, bikemonkey dear. BTW what ‘color’ are you? Milk chocolate? Purple fig?

    “The European isn’t sneaking across the rio grand to steal our precious bodily fluids.”

    Haha I don’t think the “white hispanics” are either lol.

    I think they fly over.

    I wonder if that Mexican guy who took over Bill Gates’ spot is a white hispanic. If he crosses the Rio Grande will he become a PoC? I really am curious how this works.

  41. Isis the Scientist Says:

    Absolutely. According to the one drop rule, totally white.

  42. Isabel Says:

    Well, now I see you’ve parlayed this into a blog post, Isis. Nice work.

    Meanwhile, psycho skeptifem is out of control. Because I bitched about her (justifiably considering all her bizarre, obsessive attacks on me) on a couple of blogs we both hang out on, she’s whining on IBTP that I’m stalking her! And everyone believes her!

    Yeah right. I’m “stalking” her, just like I’m leaving “racist” comments on “every” thread.

    Fucking internet. Fucking cuntalinas.

  43. isisthescientist Says:

    Blog post?

  44. ginger Says:

    I think Isabel is interpreting your most recent post about the NIH inclusion report as having been generated from this interchange about white Hispanics.

  45. skeptifem Says:

    Call an attorney at LOL! Injustice on the internet!

  46. Isabel Says:

    Get lost Nails. Quick stalking me you sick cuntilina!

    It was a joke, Isis.

    And why not, ginger? It is the exact same fucking subject. I don’t remember it being discussed before in the 18 mos I’ve been reading these blogs, except perhaps once or twice by razib. Whatever.

    I also find it hilarious that rich cuntilina Jill just instigated a discussion about calling people out for classist comments. Hahahaha.

    And Nails agreed this was a good thing to do!!! Even though the fact that I do so lead to her calling me a racist and calling for my expulsion from IBTP. Now that I’m out of there it’s time to discuss whether maybe it is an uncool thing to do!

    I also found the second line of shopstewardess’ comment about me extremely revealing:

July 13, 2010 at 1:06 am
    Didn’t Isabel get banned for trying to fight the class war?
    {retires expecting to be hurt}”

    Why does she retire expecting to be hurt? I wonder what she meant by that.

    But most sick and twisted of all was Jill’s response:

    “If memory serves,” [?????] “Isabel was asked to retire from constantly promulgating views that veered a little to close to white supremacist ideology for comfort. “Maybe women of color have it tough, but what about the white people?” was her refrain.”

    What the hell does that even mean? and White supremacy????? Oh yeah, a nice label to throw around about people for no reason except that their anti-classist comments make the rich blogger uncomfortable.

    Stalker?? Racist??? White supremacist???

    Fucking cuntalina hypocritical bitches.
    (sorry if the label fits – and I think the bitch-prick switch is stupid.) And don’t go whining about my use of ‘bitch’ after calling me ‘stalker’ ‘racist’ and ‘white supremacist’ ALL lies and ALL extremely offensive.

  47. Isabel Says:

    Here’s my response to Jill and shopstewardess. I had a longer reply which addressed all the vicious gossips discussing me behind my back over there but Jill naturally declined to publish it. And btw to anyone offended by the”c” word, cuntalina is Jill’s own pet term. Go blame Jill on IBTP if you don’t like it.

    “If memory serves, Isabel was asked to retire from constantly promulgating views that veered a little to close to white supremacist ideology for comfort. “Maybe women of color have it tough, but what about the white people?” was her refrain.”

    Your memory does not serve you, or anyone here well. This is a complete lie. “white supremacist ideology” Holy Fucking Shit, Jill.

    My ‘refrain’ was that classism has too long been ignored in discussions of privilege, and sorely needs to be “unpacked” from white privilege.

    “Didn’t Isabel get banned for trying to fight the class war?”

    Correct. And I didn’t even post that often. My participation was grossly exaggerated. Which is telling, as is the conversation here. Try imagining someone was called out for a racist statement. Would you be having a lively conversation about it? Would you be discussing whether the remark should have been made? No. This is the whole point – classism is not taken as seriously as racism and sexism. The evidence is everywhere, but you continue to deny it. That is why I post about it more often, for balance.

  48. ginger Says:

    “And why not, ginger? It is the exact same fucking subject. I don’t remember it being discussed before in the 18 mos I’ve been reading these blogs, except perhaps once or twice by razib. Whatever.”

    Jesus, don’t get your panties in a bunch. I just said what I thought you meant by “blog post”.

  49. Isabel Says:

    “Jesus, don’t get your panties in a bunch. I just said what I thought you meant by “blog post”.”

    Oh sorry, I’m not used to people responding without vicious sarcasm. Your response blended with the other two.

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