GLEE Live Tour

May 31, 2010

If I had twelve dicks, and I hammered twelve rusty nails through each one, poured twelve gallons of gasoline on them, and then lit the fuckers on fire, it still wouldn’t have been one twelfth as painful as sitting through the motherfucking GLEE live tour show.

15 Responses to “GLEE Live Tour”

  1. AHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! An awesome part of marriage, my friend.

  2. Girlpostdoc Says:

    You seem to be obsessed with the whole nail in dick thing. As I said before, my friend, it’s a fine line between pain and pleasure.

  3. lizzyb Says:

    Clapping…so Happy that you suffered so while thousands around you stood up, danced, partied, sang and had a great time…whateva for tiny dicks 12 or 1 like you have who hate so hard. You could even squeeze out a oz of joy for your spouse..pitiful.
    a gleek

  4. So you enjoyed the show, then!?

  5. I too would rather hammer twelve rusty nails through your twelve dicks than sit throuugh the Glee show. Here, we agree.

    Or, should I say, aglee?

  6. Hey! Is that PP I see in the crowd? The one with all the nails in his twelve dicks?

  7. Oh, FFS. It’s not funny when the video doesn’t embed.

  8. Isabel Says:

    “You seem to be obsessed with the whole nail in dick thing.”

    Did you steal that line from Jim Goad?

    So you have read his book. Hmmm.

  9. I have no idea who Jim Goad it. However, I find PP putting nails in his dick hilarious.

  10. Isabel Says:

    I was talking to PP.

  11. I still have no idea who Jim Goad is and I find nails in PP dick hilarious.

    To be clear, you weren’t “talking” to anyone. Right? I mean, am I right?

  12. DuWayne Says:

    Holy fucking hell Isis, that song was painful enough when Journey did it. Is that the shit that PP is talking about? I don’t really watch tee vee, though Juniper (who also watches little enough tee vee) explained GLEE to me. This shit is seriously popular?

    I think I am with PP on this one.

  13. 8 Says:

    Jimmy Goad is Glenn Beck for hipsters.

  14. 8 Says:

    Jimmy Goad is Glenn Beck for hipsters. He’s great, if you loved The Bell Curve but thought it needed more doo-doo jokes.

  15. Roxie Says:

    I just don’t understand!. I wish somebody could Sky

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