Save The Vuvuzuelas!!!!!

June 16, 2010

The only thing more annoying than the vuvuzuelas are the fucking whiny-ass cockbag motherfuckers complaining about them. If you wanna watch a fucking 0-0 tie game of that boring-ass soccer shit, at least shut the fucking motherfuck up about it. No one gives a flying fuck that the little horns are bothering you. In fact, normal sports fans are *glad* the little horns are annoying you, soccerdouche!


8 Responses to “Save The Vuvuzuelas!!!!!”

  1. Sxydocma1 Says:

    I had no fucking idea what a vuvuzuela was and had to google it. You come up #6 CPP on the google search. Sixth!

  2. Sxydocma1 Says:

    Oh wait. Nevermind. I was spelling it incorrectly.

  3. Nice post, Glenn Beck.

  4. skeptifem Says:

    Glenn Beck would be more listenable with profanity.

  5. SKM Says:

    Dude–some of us like both soccer and our eardrums.

    If I were Queen of Everyfuckingthing, you’d be sentenced to live with a Spaniard for seven years.

    Soccer: it grows on you.

  6. Dr. No Says:

    I want one for faculty meetings.

  7. andrew Says:

    What happened on wednesday PP?

  8. HAHAHAHA! I’m with Dr. No!

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